The Outside

April 2013 (House) 051

It takes about 10 hours of hard driving to get to the new place from our current house.  The largest, closest city is Harrison, Arkansas. Harrison has just about everything a person could need, including a Walmart.

Though the move will take us farther away from a few family members, it will place us closer to others. Instead of a long, hard two day drive to our two favorite home churches, it will be an easy one day drive from the new place.

The property is down a gravel road, about 4 1/2 miles from the main road. The gravel road winds through the Buffalo National River area (government owned property) and we have seen Deer, Elk and Turkey while driving through it. This gravel road is definitely the road less traveled and is mostly used by people who live out there.

Road going West


Road going East

Road going East 0512

The property is 30 acres which is mostly wooded with 2-3 acres of pasture. Most of the property is on the sides of steep hills, and the house is located in a ‘holler’.

The 2-3 acres in pasture is gently rolling



The property has a year-round spring which supplies water for the house. There is a 1000 gallon reservoir underneath the pump house which collects the water and the excess water spills out underneath the pump house to form a little stream.

The green stuff growing in the stream is Watercress. It is edible. The Real Estate agent told us that watercress only grows in year round springs. The seller, who lived in this house as a child, confirmed that the spring has never gone dry.

Watercrest in springwater 0456

The water is pumped from the reservoir underneath the pump house into the main house.

Pump house with stream:


The stream feeds the pond across the street. Unfortunately, the pond is not part of the property we are purchasing, but it is our view, and I love it!

Across the street (South) 0463

There is also a dry creek bed that we assume also feeds the pond when it rains.

Seasonal creekbed 0566

The property also has a chicken house, which needs a lot of work. Once the renovating is done, I have no doubt that the chickens will feel like they are living in a mansion.

April 2013 (House) 047


There is a lot of ‘junk’ that will need to be cleaned up outside (and inside, too, for that matter). I don’t know how much the seller will do before the place is ours. There is also some clearing that will need to be done (like the volunteer trees in front of the chicken house).

Our Backyard:

House 035

The flowers at the bottom of the picture are daffodils. We don’t know if they are wild, or if the previous owner planted them at some point .  Their placement seems a little too organized to have just grown that way randomly. Last time we were there, we also saw some hyacinths in bloom.

Northeast 0534


This is a trail that leads to the back part of the property. According to the Real Estate agent, the place was logged quite a few years back, and this is the old logging road.

Old logging road 0563

Back of the House facing the spring.


This is the side of the house facing the road. You can see by the difference in the foundation that the house was originally smaller. The portion in the back was added when they put the plumbing in.

April 2013 (House) 054

The other side of the house facing the back hill.

April 2013 (House) 057

Little House in the Holler

Looking West 0443

The Buffalo river is about 5 miles down the road and I’m looking forward to spending some time there in it! Doesn’t it look inviting? I can hardly wait to take a dip!

House 004 It seems that everything has just fallen into place so far, and I have to trust that the Lord has been the orchestrator. The process has definitely been an exercise in patience, of which I have very little of.

8 thoughts on “The Outside

  1. Dear Kara,
    I have enjoyed my first visit to your new place!
    The property is wonderful….the house (porch!), trees, flowers, water. You have It all.
    I think you have iris coming up with the daffodils. It looks like someone’s old garden to me.
    Love, Shanda


    1. Thank you for signing up and thank you for the comments. We are so excited about the place.

      Wow. I hope you are right about the Iris. I think you could be right about it being a garden in the past. I didn’t know if hyacinths or daffodils grew wild, either. They are planted kind of like a border. Next time we go up there, I’ll take some better pictures.


  2. I kind of messed up commenting last time (hit a reply to a previous commenter). Oops!

    That. Property. Looks. Awesome! I am happy and content with ours; but, yours is a dream come true. 🙂 So happy for you guys!


    1. That’s okay (about the reply last time). 🙂 Thank you for your comment! I love your property, too, and I’m so glad you are happy there.

      We are very excited. I couldn’t be happier. I’m kind of afraid to post pictures of the inside of the house, LOL. We can see endless possibilities, though. It’s just going to take some work, a little bit at a time…but then you know all about that. I might need your encouragement as we go through the process. The end will be so worth it, though.


      1. I just came across my previous comment and your reply! I would love to come visit and see your place first hand. I promise I won’t be a sissy…


        1. We would LOVE to have you! I know you like to travel that state. It’s okay if you’re a sissy. Hopefully by that time, the house will be fixed up.


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