The Inside: Up in the Attic

I have been hesitant to post pictures of the inside of the house. It’s scary…if you can’t see the possibilities of what it could be. As I said, it is a ‘fixer upper’, and we are going into it knowing that.

I wanted to show pictures of the outside first so that you all can see why we have fallen in love with the place. As we have been looking for property, it has always been the outside…the land and the location that has been most important to us. The house has been relatively inconsequential. We want to downsize. We have even thought about buying land and building a simple, crude cabin to live in, so having a structure already in place that just needs to be fixed up is even better.

I have to say, though, that I love this little house already. I think it’s cute from the outside and that it has character. It also has good bones. The skin and the muscles need a little work, but we have ideas for it. The possibilities are almost endless. It’s like having a clean slate.

Though there will be some things we will need to hire out, we want to do most of the work ourselves. As Bud has pointed out, if you hire someone to do things, they will just rip everything out and toss it. It will also be much less expensive if we do the work ourselves.

This house is framed in oak…something the inspector said is unheard of in these times. It has oak for the framing, and underneath the paneling, there are oak planks…at least we think there is. We have seen it in the pantry, and we believe it originally had oak planks for the walls on the inside. If the oak is as extensive as we think it is, we’d like to re-use it.

I’m a sucker for ‘rustic’, and I have seen some really great wood floors that were made of reclaimed wood…holes, cracks and all. Bud has had the idea of planing the wood to use for the floors, but I think it would be great just like it is. We’ll just have to see how much of it we have to work with.

House 078The house is about 60-70 years old. It is about 1000 square feet. That is not including the attic, which we are thinking about converting to a loft. There are no stairs to the loft so these pictures of the attic were taken by sticking an arm up there though the hole and snapping the picture with the camera on the phone, but I want to give you an idea of how great this could be.

House 072House 073House 075House 076Maybe you are thinking I’m crazy right about now, but I see amazing possibilities for a quaint loft bedroom…something like these:

e52e754cd4a036efa3abe5112d50efd2(Photo courtesy of Charles Spada Interiors)

01bb903edc83c0d323317ed36663e434(Photo courtesy of

MacL_Loft_1(Photo courtesy of

11669100a43825e8d9e0bc0589538150(Photo courtesy of

tumblr_m7tss0qvIX1rc4akdo1_500(Photo courtesy of

e7503521faf60b0d1170e3ceae3f8572(Photo courtesy of

Attic bedroom with built-in daybed(Photo courtesy of

f3ccdef9d2fc0fc15265b15a9b386a04(Photo courtesy of

6b8c9482c64bdef78acc00d6c764c4f4(Photo courtesy of

attrailsend_cabin_2loftbedroomPhoto courtesy of

Here are some photos of the loft in the Silver Run cabins we stayed in:

Dec, 1, 2012 114Dec, 1, 2012 109

Dec, 1, 2012 113What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas.

I’m consciously trying to make my blog posts shorter. 😉 There are more pictures of the inside to come!

4 thoughts on “The Inside: Up in the Attic

  1. I don’t think you’re crazy at all! I see the abundant possibilities and I love the pictures you’ve found to work toward. You are doing something I’ve dreamed of….downsizing to an old rustic cabin…..SO fun. It will be a lot of hard work, but of the satisfying kind!


    1. *Wiping the sweat off my brow and relaxing* LOL. 🙂 I’m so thankful you ‘get it’. We are hoping it will be fun working on it together.

      Who knows, Shanda…maybe one of these days after your kids are grown you’ll be in a rustic cabin….though you’ll probably want plenty of room for grandkids. Your house is so full of love and memories, I can see how it would be very hard to leave it!


  2. Oh, I loved the possibilities in a renovation of the attic. What a serene place it could be for private prayer and getting alone with our King. Aren’t you and Bud blessed for finding such a neat property? The pics you sent are good, too. All of that exposed wood, I love.

    When we were building the cabin in Colorado, we bought a vhs camera and i took pictures all along the way. Unfortunately, they are still on the vhs tapes as I have not been able to transfer to dvds, yet. Mark has a unit that will let me do that, if i can get him to hook it up. When we were over there yesterday, Gena said she would do that. He just has to get the thing in the house from storage.

    Gotta go to eye dr. tomorrow, so am going to bed.

    Thanks for sending the pictures.


    1. I can’t decide which one I like the best! 🙂 I also hadn’t thought of it as a prayer closet, but you are right. It would be the perfect place. We feel extremely blessed.

      Thank you for your comment.


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