The Jezebel Hussy Done Cut OFF Her Crown O’ Glow-ray

Yeah, I’m in a mood, so don’t read any further if you don’t want to hear silliness.

Okay… so I had my hair grown down past my chin, almost all one length. I had wanted to let it grow long to display my silvery crown of glory in all it’s beautificance in hopes that God and the angels would sing joyfully over my femininity displayed as Nature intended. All would be right in the world.

Please pray that God would have mercy on me and not send me to ‘hail’ (the place that dare not be spelled properly by all good Christian people).

It looked awful longer. I’m really not good, nor have I ever been, at fixing my hair. I was already wanting to put it up into a pony tail, and it wasn’t even long enough. Maybe if I had waited for it to get a little longer, or maybe if I had gotten some bangs, it would have been better, but I have to blow dry it every day in order for it not to kink up.

In a weak moment, I went to the hair place as a ‘walk-in’, and told her I wanted it chopped OFF. She complimented me on the beautiful color and asked me if I was ‘sure’. I said, “YES”.

(This does relate to the new house, because I have been thinking that we will not have A/C in the beginning when we first start working on the house, nor will we have plumbing. Showers might be few and far between and I need something easy to manage, and cool.)

I took in a picture of the last time I had it cut short, and asked her to make a few minor changes.

ec0f8dd81d51e60518abd589309c443340591523This is how it turned out:

Snapshot_20130608_7Snapshot_20130608_3Snapshot_20130608_4Snapshot_20130608_1To be perfectly honest, this is not my favorite hairdo, nor is it my favorite way to see myself, but it is so easy to take care of! It’s cool. Most of all, Bud LOVES it. He has been complimenting my hair every day (unsolicited), multiple times a day! He never did that when it was longer. It’s kind of growing on me, in fact, next time…I’m thinking of going for the Jaime Lee Curtis!

cdab13b49f1e86548370ce478a997f5cGod have mercy on my soul.

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