…and then there were six.

corla and marvelanne 006

I lost a dear friend today and my heart is breaking. Marvelanne died this morning.

After we got our original flock of six hens, we went back about a week later to the feed store and picked out Marvelanne and another hen. After they were home, we noticed that they were both sick. I rushed to the feed store across town to get some antibiotics and learned how to give my first injections with a shot. They recovered nicely.

corla and marvelanne 023Marvelanne was one of the friendliest and most docile of the flock. She had a very sweet disposition. She loved to ‘sing’ and I would often hear her voice outside in the backyard above the other hens calling, “Haaawww, Hawwwww, Hawwww” just because she was happy.

sept16 015

Whenever I took the shovel to the dirt, she was one of the fastest to spot and eat the worms. She was so small, she had to be stealthy and quick.

sep52012b 023She was an excellent layer and gave us an egg almost every day. She served us so well.

marvelanneShe was at the bottom of the pecking order, but took it all in stride and accepted that place with dignity. She never tried to peck the others to rise above it.

July2012 066I’m so sad. I will miss her so much.

aug252012 017

8 thoughts on “…and then there were six.

  1. She was a beautiful girl….had her own unique personality…just like any dog or cat. I’m privileged to have known her and been able to spend time w/ her. I’m so sorry…am asking God to ease your pain and comfort your heart.


  2. Doesn’t matter if our pet/family member is a dog, cat, or chicken. When we lose one it’s very painful. So sorry. She was really pretty.
    Do you know what the problem was or did it pertain to this terribly hot weather we’re having?


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