Who She Is…

girls-holding-hands-bwShe has a way with animals. She understands them and they trust her. If I ever have a question about cats, I always go to her.

She has a heart for every stray animal she meets. In the past, she has kept water and cat food in the trunk of her car in case she sees a stray cat that might be hungry or thirsty. All of her own pets have been strays that she has taken in.

She is loyal to those she befriends and always goes above and beyond the call of duty for them.

She loves the elderly, and has been known to visit them in the nursing homes, visit them when they are sick….to take them food or other things only she would think of that they might need. One time when she was going to the grocery store, she saw Edith, an elderly lady in distress in a grocery store parking lot. She helped Edith get her things at the grocery store, and then drove her home. She continued to visit Edith at her home, treating her better than the woman’s own daughter did.  She talked to Edith about Jesus. Eventually, just a few short months later, Edith went into the hospital. She continued to visit Edith there, praying for her while she was unresponsive and telling her to call on Jesus… that He would help her. I wonder if maybe Edith called on Jesus because of His love that was shown to her by a stranger she met in the parking lot.

She loves Butterflies, the color red, animals of all kinds, small things, quirky humor, Orchestral Music, Oldies and Big Band music, sunsets, cookouts, nature and especially being active in the outdoors.

She is intelligent, and more importantly, she has a lot of common sense. She is interested in Nutrition and always has a ready answer for a natural cure for an ailment. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find out for you.

She is good with children, and they love her. She is fun.

She cries with those who cry and laughs with those who laugh. She is funny (especially when she lets her guard down) and she loves to laugh. I love to try to make her laugh because her laughter is music, and she lights up from the inside, out…and she beams.

She is beautiful on the outside, but her best beauty is what she holds within.

She is a Prayer Warrior, and I can ask her to pray for the tiniest, strangest, craziest thing, and she will never laugh or turn me away. I never have to worry what she is thinking about me. She will take my concern as seriously as I do, and she will always keep it in confidence.

She is one of the most frugal people I know, yet she is also one of most ready to share and give of whatever she owns.

She is a furiously private person, and guards her heart carefully. If she opens up to you, she trusts you, and you’ve been given a precious gift.

She gave her life to Jesus at a very young age, and she loves him with all of her heart. She is steadfast, and has never wavered in her devotion to Him.

June 25 2013 004

She sent me this card when Marvelanne died, recently. It meant so much to me. No one else has ever sent me a sympathy card for my pets, but she has sent me a card for every one of my pets that has died.

June 25 2013 005

June 25 2013 008She is special and unique. I don’t know anyone else like her and I wouldn’t change a thing about her. I love her so much.  To think…that God planned her before she was ever born, formed her in her mother’s womb, knew every hair on her head.


(Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com)

Before she was born, God knew every hurt she would bear, every time her heart would break, and every trial she would go through. He knew every triumph she would have, and also every time she would need Him to carry her when she had no strength of her own, knowing that every tough thing would strengthen her to become the servant she wants to be for Him…to prepare her to do things that only she, in her special way, could accomplish for Him in His plan.

She is special.

aug-6(Photo courtesy of http://sharinhislove.files.wordpress.com)

10 thoughts on “Who She Is…

  1. How nice to have such an understanding, sweet friend, but friendships go two ways, so I’m thinking you are just as special of a friend !! Nice to see you post again! I haven’t been blogging much lately because things are changing here and I haven’t had as much time, but thank you for all your comments you’ve sent my way!! Kim


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, dear friend. I love your blog, and I’m so glad you stopped by with your comment that day. I pray the changes are easy ones, and look forward to reading about them on your blog as you have time. Hoping you have a great day today!


  2. Yes, I, too, know this person and she is all that you say she is. And what a wonderful blessing to not only know her but have her as part of our family. I have to say also, that she had wonderful parents who loved the Almighty and gave her some good training. In fact, I see that training in her siblings. We should all be so blessed. I truly hope she gets to read your post.


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