Heading to Arkansas

IMG_0524Hello. This is Kara coming to you LIVE from Arkansas. I wanted to make a quick blog post to let you all know we arrived safely! Just a quick disclaimer: all of the pictures posted today were taken with my I-Phone, and some, through the windshield, so I apologize in advance.

I was worried about leaving the chickens in light of Marvelanne passing recently. I had a last minute freak  out and left the pet sitter another set of instructions taped to the sliding glass door.

June 27, 2013 001I squeezed every little tidbit of info I could think of into that one sheet!

Finally, Bud and I were off like a herd of turtles. We usually switch drivers every two hours or so to give each other a break, and it has worked very well for us.

IMG_0500Our first stop was in Lufkin, TX at Micky D’s. The ladies room was beckoning. McDonald’s is the ONLY fast food coffee that I will drink. Yes, I am a coffee snob…but McDonald’s coffee is more than tolerable to me, I actually enjoy it…me, who grinds beans every morning, orders special coffee online and dumps out whole pots of coffee that are too weak.

IMG_0501I made some muffins for our trip. Bud calls them ‘Chick Muffins’…because they have all sorts of ‘things’ in them that chicks like. (I have noticed he usually eats the majority of them, though). 😉 I usually make these muffins for our breakfast on trips. I highly recommend them. They are my favorite, but of course, I am a ‘chick’. I used Kamut flour (a type of whole wheat), craisins, almonds and coconut oil as substitutions. Sometimes, I have used canned pears in place of the apple.

Morning Glory Muffins


We had good weather driving up. It was just very long. We stopped in Linden, TX, and I made us a Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Chicken Salad

Here are a few pictures of our drive through Arkansas.






IMG_0546We decided to take a short cut to the hotel. It would take us past our future home. We knew the gravel road went out the other direction, and wanted to check that route out.

We couldn’t find the road, and then when we were on it, we weren’t sure it was the right one. There were forks, and dead end ‘T’ turns that are not on the map! The road was much more narrow than coming in from the other end, too. I have to say, too, that going in that way was much more beautiful (if possible) than coming in the usual way. We are moving into some gorgeous country.

We began to see encouraging signs that we were headed in the right direction. The seller (who lives down the road) had mentioned that we will have some Mennonite neighbors on the other side (or something similar to Mennonites) who will be extremely good neighbors. (I can’t tell you how excited I am at the possibility of having Mennonite neighbors! It’s like the icing on the cake for me.) We passed ‘The Holy Brethren  Church’ which was encouraging, and then, we passed several well manicured entrances to some properties, one of which had a sign on it that said, “The Lord Will Never Fail Thee.” Needless to say, I needed that bit of encouragement right at that moment.

We rounded the corner and almost passed the house. There was a deer in the road that distracted us, but we were shocked! It was about 6:30 when we were there. There is a hill to the North and West, so the sun was behind the hill and much of the ‘holler’ (where the house is) was in shadow. EVERYTHING had grown up! It looked like a completely different property! No…I mean…it looked like a completely different property! You couldn’t even see the pond across the street for trees that I didn’t even know were there during the winter. You couldn’t even see the run-down turn of the century house across the pond. We are going to be living in the AMAZON! It looked like a jungle was coming right up to the chicken coop, whereas you could see straight through those trees in the Winter. I’ll just have to take some pictures so you can see what I’m talking about.

(I have to interject here, that we don’t stick to our diet while traveling. It’s too difficult. Most of you know we try to stick to a Paleo diet at home. I don’t do well on carbs, and in recent years when I eat wheat, I blow up like ‘Violet’ on ‘Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’. Seriously. Bud has to push to get me through the door. I have determined that it is inflammation weight that comes on overnight when I cheat and have some wheat. After a week of being off it again, I go back down and look normal.)

Anyway, since I had carbs for breakfast, and wheat for lunch, I was cranky and needed food ASAP. I was shaken..and I was cranky, since I had only had a Holiday Chicken Salad sandwich at noon and it was now 6:30 p.m. Bud made an executive decision to go get some pizza before we checked into our hotel. (I love carbolicious pizza, and it was just what my carb stuffed body craved…mmmmmmm….Brick Oven Pizza, to boot!) After that, we went to Home Depot to get a hand held weed scythe, checked into our hotel, and then went out to Walmart.

I mentioned that I am a coffee snob. I bring my own beans, our cups, cream, sweetener, coffee filters and a grinder when we stay in a hotel. I dropped the ball and forgot the grinder and we had to get a cheap new one to use. We had also bought our Real Estate Agent (who is a Christian) and 4 volume set of Interlinear Bibles. I have been so scattered, that I was thinking we would just give it to him in the box they came in. As I was driving up yesterday, I began to think that was just a little too ‘red neck’, and thought better of it. We needed to get something to wrap it in, and a nice thank you card.

It was probably around 9:30 before we got in. We are beat, but still excited about the house. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes on my last blog post. I won’t be able to read (or probably respond) to blogs or blog posts till we get back.

Much love to you all!


(I hail from Arkansas!)

2 thoughts on “Heading to Arkansas

  1. What a beautiful part of our country you (& the King) selected for your retirement home. After colorado, Ark. was my choice to look for property way back in the ’80s. We went up to the NW corner of the state and over to Silver Dollar City one summer. Got to see the Passion Play. I can’t think of the name of the town where that is, but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip up there. Wonderful climate and beautiful, rolling land. I know you two are going to love it up there.
    Have a safe trip back and thanks for sending the pics.


    1. The Passion Play is in Eureka Springs, and it is also a nice and quaint little town. I am so blown away with how beautiful this area of the country is. I am feeling so blessed right now. Thank you for all of your prayers!


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