It Is Ours!

june 28 2013 027june 28 2013 023We are now the proud owners of a little house in the Ozarks! Everything went off without a hitch yesterday. We were able to make it to the Insurance place and back to the Title Company with time to spare.

IMG_0552The sellers were not there. They are actually going to sign the pictures today (Friday). We dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’.

IMG_0549The property is officially OURS.Β  I’m in love with the town of Jasper. I kept seeing things I wanted to take pictures of…not just through the windshield, but really take good pictures with my good camera. I guess I’ll have to do it later. It is a really quaint town. This was just outside of the Title Company:

IMG_0551We stopped by the grocery store (for TP and grocery bags) on the way out and then headed straight to the property. (We got a portable camping toilet for out there until we can get the plumbing fixed).

Here are some pictures on the way to our place.

june 28 2013 003

june 28 2013 011june 28 2013 016june 28 2013 017june 28 2013 019This is the property of the seller just down the road from our place:

june 28 2013 020We changed clothes in the house and got to work immediately. I started cleaning out the junk from the house and the porch, and Bud started clearing weeds by the Hen House, whacking weeds and cutting down little trees that had grown up around it.

june 28 2013 031The jungle around the Hen House:

june 28 2013 034After all that work, and once he was able to see inside, he decided that it was too rotten and too dangerous to fix it up for the hens, so we went to plan B. We decided to convert a little storage shed into a hen house. Here is what the original house looked like once he finished all of that hard work:

june 28 2013 041This is the only picture I got of the ‘new’ hen house that we decided to convertjune 28 2013 040I have to add here that the seller must have mowed the lawn shortly before we arrived. I don’t know what the place would have looked like if he hadn’t. I also have to add that the place looked MUCH friendlier in the daylight. LOL.

This little building needed a lot of work, and we worked until we couldn’t see anymore. We had to put heavy duty wire on the open places and wire covering the floor to prevent burrowing critters from being able to get into the hen house. I’ll get better pictures next time.

Here are some pictures of the pond across the street…still pretty scary, in my opinion.

june 28 2013 038Here is the picturesque turn-of-of-the-century house by the pond:

june 28 2013 036I got the front porch cleared and swept, and made us a Holiday Chicken Salad Sandwich for lunch. As we sat there, we listened to all of the nature sounds…the birds chirping, the insects buzzing amongst the backdrop of the peace and quiet of the deep, dark Ozarks… and I said to Bud, “I LOVE this place!”

june 28 2013 042There were so many bugs and insects! They were bugs and insects we don’t normally see in the city anymore…butterflies, dragonflies of all colors, carpenter bees, stinging flies, bumblebees, etc. There were also lots of birds we don’t have in the city, as well as LOTS of butterflies of all colors and sizes. One of them landed on my sock and stayed there for long time. Later it moved to the ice chest, flapping it’s wings in and out.

june 28 2013 044june 28 2013 045I’m kind of sad to report that it was VERY hot there yesterday, in fact, it was almost as hot and humid as Houston! Bud’s clothes were entirely wet by the time we left, and I was sweating, too. To be fair, it was their hottest day of the summer, with a temperature of 97 and the heat index into the 100’s. The good thing is that they have four seasons there, and their summers are shorter. Also, they get the jet stream winds from time to time, and also, a summer cool front will dip down into that area, where those never make it to Houston in the summer.

Here is the pile of junk that we cleared from the house, the porch, the old hen house, and the new hen house that we converted.

june 28 2013 039Daunting, isn’t it? We had numerous people drive down the road while we were there. We waved, and they waved back, but none stopped.

We didn’t get back to the hotel until around 9:30, and we are bushed and sore! We decided to sleep until we could not sleep anymore, and we got up around 8:00 a.m. We’ve decided to forgo the Elk Festival. I’m sure there will be plenty of Elk Festivals in our future. We have a long drive home ahead of us.

8 thoughts on “It Is Ours!

  1. Can’t tell you how great it is that it is finally yours. PTL Isn’t our King the best? He can and does give us the “desires of our hearts” if we just wait on Him and His timing. Hallelujah! Thanks for the pics. The country is beautiful. I imagine the high temp was a little unusual for the area and figured the humidity would be much lower, but the weather patterns seem to be changing all over the country. It was 100 here today, I think. Possibility of rain Sunday thru’ Wed.

    Have a safe trip home.


    1. Amen to that! We are feeling so blessed right now. I was quite surprised, too, that the humidity was so bad. I think it is hot everywhere from what I am hearing. Thank you for sharing in our happiness. πŸ™‚


  2. I am so happy for you! Wow, you own land! and beautiful land at that! with spring water on it! Would love to come see it some day!


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