The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

ec0f8dd81d51e60518abd589309c443340591523You have to understand that my hair has always been a big deal for me. I have come home from the  hairdresser in tears more times than I can count. My hair has always made or broken my self confidence.

Letting my dye grow out was huge for me. I had to get the above haircut to get the rest of my dye cut off and it was MAJOR for me because I have never had it that short before. I got several other short haircuts after that, and each time, I did not like it…but every time…it got easier and easier to ‘suck it up’ because…well…what could I do about it? The phrase, ‘hair grows’ took on new meaning to me. I truly began to understand it.

I also began to understand something else…that beauty comes from the inside. Even the most gorgeous woman looks ugly if she is frowning and bitter. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m learning it.

Also, coming from a Christian standpoint, I think the Lord has been working on me in the area of pride and self-centeredness with this hair business.

It is for that reason that I’m getting ready to post my latest new ‘do’ without shame (or as little shame as I can get away with).

I committed the unpardonable sin…again. I went to the Salon as a ‘walk-in’. I needed a haircut  before we go back up to the property which will not have plumbing or air-conditioning. This is what I got last time:

Snapshot_20130608_1I liked it okay, but it was too heavy on top and I wanted to go back to this for the summer:

ec0f8dd81d51e60518abd589309c443340591523In fact, I took this picture in, along with a side view. I got IRIS for a hairdresser. She spoke broken English. She was washing my hair like she was inexperienced. She had to put a towel over my eyes to keep it from splashing into my eyes and messing up my make-up.

She clipped, and she clipped, and she shaved, and she clipped some more! I know I had threatened in my last hair post to get a ‘Jaime Lee Curtis’, but I was actually sort of joking.

cdab13b49f1e86548370ce478a997f5cI think ‘Iris’ outdid Jaime Lee Curtis. She tried to convince me that it was just like my former picture above where I was wearing pink. She called another hairdresser over to have HER convince me that it looked like the above former picture. I told them it was ‘shorter’ but that was okay. You see, I had determined from the moment Iris started washing my hair that I was going to pray for her. I don’t mean that I was going to pray that she would do a good job, but pray for her life, her children, God’s blessings on her job, etc. The more she cut, the more I prayed for her.

The figure of $10 for a tip was stuck in my head. When I saw the cut, I almost decided to give her $5, but I thought, “No, I need to obey what I feel God is prompting me to do.” So I gave her a $10 tip. The haircut was only $28 (last time I went to that salon it was $35). Besides, she must have spent an hour on it.

You know what? I was able to beam and tell her I liked it and that it was okay that it was shorter. Thank you Jesus for the grace to do that. I was a little scared, but I was really okay.

Anyway, she really did take her time and she was precise, and it is a GOOD haircut. It’s shaped nicely, she took a lot of time with it, and it’s even.

It will be cool, and…it will grow!

Snapshot_20130629_3Snapshot_20130629_4I just have to say…


HEY…as I was paying at the counter, there was another customer standing there and she said, “I just LOVE the color of your hair!” Thank you, Jesus for that. 🙂


Since this is the most popular page on my blog so far (LOL) according to the stats, anyway… I decided to add a picture of it after I washed it, blow dried it and put styling paste on it. I think it looks a little better. Regardless, I’m gonna live, and it’s gonna be cool and easy while we in the stix without plumbing or A/C! WHAT-Evah. I’m just glad I’m laughing about it. 🙂



6 thoughts on “The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

  1. It sure does look like Jamie Curtis’ hair cut and will be so easy to “wash and go”, as they say. Be comfortable and make your life as simple as possible.

    We are heading over to spring to visit another church, Church of God North. We visited one of their celebrations a couple of months ago in Humble and I really liked what I saw. My cousin from Houston got to come up and we had not seen her in several years. She had invited us to it. I liked the fact that their services on Sabbath are one a day and in the afternoon. I am hoping the King is steering us to this particular one. It was more the type of service I am use to and everyone dressed to honor our Master-no shorts, thongs and that stuff. I guess I am pretty “old fashioned” in that respect.

    Anyway, we are to leave in a few minutes since we are not sure exactly where we are going.


    1. Thanks, Aunt Suzanne. That is my one saving grace…that it will be easy (and cool) and that’s what I need right now. I hope you like your new church and have safe travels today!


  2. May even be shorter than Jaime Lee’s. She has gel in her’s to give it the “poof”. You sure won’t have to worry about it now, while on the property. That’s what you call “CARE FREE”!


    1. Absolutely. 🙂 Care free is what I need right now. I’m inclined to agree with you that it’s shorter than Jaime Lee’s. I’m going to experiment with my styling paste and see if I can make it look any better. Right now, I think most people are thinking I had a brain tumor and had my head shaved off, or that I am a concentration camp victim. LOL.


  3. I think it looks like Jaime’s hair. I agree with the styling paste or gel or a little bit of curl on top. You are beautiful any way you wear your hair.


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