The New Chicken Coop

June 30 001I mentioned in the last post about the house that ‘Plan A’ (the original existing coop) was not going to work as it was really rotten and fixing it up seemed an insurmountable project to accomplish in half of a day. We need the coop to be ready to go when we bring the chickens back with us because we’ll be arriving close to evening.

I have read that they need to go straight into the coop so that they will know it is their new home, and that they need to stay in there for a while in order to get acquainted with their new ‘digs’ before being exposed to the wide open frontier of bugs galore and new places to explore.

Bud and I worked on it together, and we were amazed at how much work we got done with half a day to work on it.

I am most worried about predators out there, and that was our main concern as we began to formulate ‘Plan B’.

We put down wire fencing on the floor, took it up under the hen house and tacked it to the outside. We put a tarp down on top of the wire fencing, then put wood shavings on top of that for cushion when they hop down from the roosts. I’ve read that one of the major causes of foot injuries and Bumblefoot is from bigger birds jumping down from a roost without adequate padding, and/or the roost being too high.

What we have here is temporary, and it was the best we could do with the materials and tools we had to work with. We’ll make adjustments later if we need to.

We put rubber mat material underneath the roosts to catch the poop, and for easier clean up in the mornings. All I have to do is roll the mat up, take it out, and dump.

We made the roosts out of cedar trees that we cut down. My job was cutting the branches off and getting it as smooth as possible so it won’t hurt their feet.

June 30 003The ‘window’ in the back was completely open air, so we had to put wire fencing (or mesh, or whatever you want to call it) to cover it.

We also have a lower roost on the other side. Though it’s hard to tell, it’s at an angle and about a foot away from the wall.

June 30 004Knowing how spoiled and ‘high maintenance’ our hens are, we ran down to Home Depot and got a satellite dish and installed it so that the hens can have their 2256 channels to watch, beamed into the ‘stix’ with all the comforts of home. We knew they wouldn’t have it any other way and would be impossible to deal with if we didn’t take care of that matter pronto!

June 30 002Just kidding. The dish was already on there when we got the place.

We also installed a latch on the door as the piece of wood attached with a nail used to close the door didn’t seem very secure. I’m sure a raccoon would have been able to easily figure that out.

June 30 008We intend to use the traveling cages as ‘make-shift’ nesting boxes.

Not bad for half a days work, if I don’t say so myself. I hasten to add that it was Bud who had all of the great ideas. One of the things I most admire about him is his ability to think on his feet, as well as to make lemonade out of lemons.

As far as I’m concerned, this is some mighty fine lemonade.

4 thoughts on “The New Chicken Coop

  1. LOL….Satellite dish! Y’all did a great job improvising! Looks like they will be movin’ on up…with a larger house. Great job!


  2. Very good job. I love it, and I laughed out loud over the high maintanance chickens needing their TV! It will be nice to see the coop filled up with hens.


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