To and Fro

June 30 014

We left the place on Friday. We stopped by Home Depot to get some last minute materials to finish the coop, as well as a fan, and went by the property to drop things off and finish up the details.

IMG_0553We left the place around 12:30. About an hour out, we stopped at a place that sells smoked meats and fantastic sandwiches. Your choice of type of bread, smoked meat and choice of smoked cheese for $5.00. This was our second time to stop there and these are some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I had Smoked ham on wheat with smoked cheddar. Mmmmmmmm….

IMG_0556We are starting to load the car today (Sunday) and intend to leave before sun up and before the chickens wake up tomorrow (Monday). That way we can just take them off the roost and put them into the cages while they are still half asleep.

We are also taking Simba Bodine, since we will probably be up there at the property for 2-3 weeks.

IMG_0467He is about 18 years old, so we are going to try to make the trip as easy as possible for him. Though he is old by cat standards, he is still in pretty good shape. I won’t be surprised if he still has it in him to be able to catch a mouse or two that have taken over that old house.

I’m not sure how often I will be able to update my blog while we are gone. I think I can compose the posts in Microsoft Word and it should be easy to upload them when we get into town. I think they have free WiFi at the McDonalds. I might have to post more than one blog post at a time, but they will be in order.

I also know we don’t have cell phone reception in the ‘the holler’, but it’s possible if I walk down the road and up the hill, I might be able to get some service. I just don’t know. Sometimes texts get through, where phone calls do not. At the very least, I’ll be checking messages when we go into town, which might be pretty frequently at first.

Also, we have decided to take only one car, so we’ll be buying a lot that we couldn’t carry with us, which will also take us into town….not to mention supplies we’ll need to work on the house.

I appreciate your prayers, and your enthusiasm and support for us has meant the world to us! Much love to you all!



6 thoughts on “To and Fro

    1. Thank you. We were grateful that we were able to rig it up in such a short amount of time. All credit goes to Bud. He’s the one who has all of the great ideas.


  1. It’s been four days since we have heard anything. Your bloggers are anxiously awaiting news on how it’s going there, and don’t make any excuses as to why you can’t write… like you are dying in the heat, no internet access, you’re dog tired from remodeling that place. No, none of that missy! I especially want to hear how the ride was to the land with the chickens and the cat in the car!! Wish I could see a video of that! Ha!


    1. It has been frustrating not having internet access! I really enjoy writing blog posts, and there is so much I want to write about that I haven’t yet. We are trying to cram so much in during the short time we have to work. It seems that every time we go to town, we have to get there and get back ASAP. Frustrating.

      The ride with the chickens and the cat was definitely an adventure, LOL.

      I really appreciate your comments!


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