The Chickens and Cat Go To Arkansas – 1


…so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverlee…..hills that is. Um…I mean the hills of the Ozarks.

Bud had loaded the car the night before (including chicken cages) and the car was PACKED to the gills. We got up very early on Monday and at about 5:30 a.m. I loaded the chickens into the cages one by one. They were like zombies. They didn’t struggle a bit, and that’s why we wanted to load them before sun-up. Then we loaded the ‘Bali Bo’ (Simba) and bungee corded him onto the top of the chicken cages.

Over all, I’d say the traveling part went very well in the big scheme of things. There was quite a bit of scuffle in the chicken cages. We had to stop 3 or 4 times to move one chicken or the other to another cage because they were being hen pecked to death. Unfortunately, that’s just something girls seem to love to do. Thankfully, there were not too many smells emanating from the back seat. I only had to scoop the poop once.

The Simba Boy did GREAT! I was so proud of him. He seemed relatively relaxed. Neither he, nor the chickens would take any food or water the whole trip. Simba seemed a bit anxious over the scuffles below him coming from the hens. Other than that, he did so well! I let him out once to get on my lap, and he welcomed the attention but, seemed ready to go back into his carrier when we had to stop again. Maybe it was the incessant racket from the chickens. I was a littler nerve-racked too!

It normally takes us about 10 hours to get here, but we had one detour due to construction and we got lost. Then, another time, we got off the highway, and got turned around getting back on, so that set us back even more time. We had intended to stop and get a sandwich at the same place we stopped before (Coursey’s) but when we got there it was closed! We were starved. Thankfully, before we cut off onto the dirt road, there was a grocery store with a Deli, and we were able to get a sandwich to go there. Thoughtful Bud got some chicken strips to munch on during the last leg of our journey. They were actual real chicken pieces which were hand breaded.

We arrived at the place. We locked the chickens up in the hen house, and they eventually settled on the lower roost, then I got Simba settled into the house.

The inside of the house is a mess. It’s horribly musty and moldy, and the counters are absolutely coated with droppings (mouse, I think) and dead bugs. For this reason we decided that we will stay in our tent while we are here, so the next task was setting up the tent.

After that, we rode into Harrison to visit the Walmarts. There were certain things, like food, ice chest, etc., that just wouldn’t fit into our car so we needed to get some supplies.

The hen house was still locked up tight and safe when we got back. Thankfully, the electricity is still hooked up here due to the fact that the sellers are using our spring to supply their house and need electricity to power the pump. They will be having a well drilled soon.

As we went to sleep that night in the tent, we were serenaded by the frogs across the street in the pond, while all the other woody sounds and night critters chimed in. The fireflies put on a display outside of our tent as we nestled in for the night.

6 thoughts on “The Chickens and Cat Go To Arkansas – 1

    1. It was SO peaceful. The hens had an absolute ball! I had that same thought at times…that it must seem like a paradise to them. They combed a large area of the main yard, and just beyond. Sometimes, they even ventured into the woods. Bud said it was good that they were going through all of the leaves for us because that is a favorite hiding place of copperhead snakes. It was kind of funny because Bud raked all of the leaves on the path to the ‘loo’. The chickens saw the stacks of newly raked leaves and saw a wonderful new place to scratch and look for bugs, LOL. He must have raked that path three times!


    1. It was a lot of fun, and I’m trying not to get depressed about not being able to get there until next November. Yes. i was very relieved that he did so well on the trip!


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