The Dawn of a New Day in the Ozarks – 2

There was a cool front that came though a couple of days ago, and the contrast in weather is nothing short of amazing! Thankfully, we had checked the weather and we saw that night time temps were down into the 50’s, so we brought a quilt and small blanket. When we woke up the first morning we were freezing our patooties off! It was so cold.

We came into the house and started the coffee pot, then went out on the front porch to watch the sunrise. We heard some strange growling sounds off in the distance, and Bud and I were teasing about it being Big Foot. Later, we would find out that the Mennonite lady up the road had found one of her large and heavy dog food containers had been moved, and slobbered on. They believe it to have been a brown bear, which they have seen around before. They have recently reintroduced bears here in this area, and the National River Area is just down the road. I guess we weren’t too far off with the Big Foot thing.

As we sat on the porch drinking our coffee, we watched the hens emerge to their new surroundings. They were very cautious, but extremely curious. They weren’t quite sure what to make of it all. It was kind of strange because they moved in a herd as they checked everything out.

We learned that we will need to keep Simba inside until he learns this as his new place. We had one bad incident about 13 years ago, where we traveled up to my parents’ place and let him out immediately. He bolted and we had to put up signs. He had made his way down the road to a kind lady who took him in and saw our sign. We were very blessed that we found him. We are not taking our chances this time, so I decided to put him in the chicken cage so he could watch all of the ‘gonigs on’.

Bud and I ate our Chick muffins the first morning for breakfast. Shortly thereafter, Patsy, our neighbor (and the wife of the man who sold us the property) stopped by to say, ‘howdy’ and we chatted for a bit. She brought the Electric Company info for us, as well as some Yellow Pages. She also offered us a Micro Fridge to borrow while we are here.

Bud went into town for a few supplies we had forgotten the night before, some chicken feed, and to switch the Electricity account into our name. While he was gone, I set to starting to clean the place. Oh, it was SO NASTY! It has been sitting vacant for five years. We decided to make the ‘Pantry Room’ into our storage place for clothes and tools. I cleaned it all up, and ripped the vinyl up off of the floor. It seems that was where the horrible smell was coming from (or at least part of it). I got all of our clothes arranged on the shelves.

After the vinyl flooring was ripped off and clothes were put up:

I kept an eye on the chickens all day long. They enjoyed scratching new places and eating new and exotic bugs. I’m sure it was a welcome relief from slumming on earthworms and Texas roaches, which is about all they could get in Texas. Periodically, I would go out and count them to make sure they were all okay. There were no incidents at all, thank goodness. They are having and absolute ball!

Later in the day, the Mennonite ladies from down the road stopped by to say, ‘hi’. There was an elderly lady named Nancy and a newlywed who has only been here for two weeks named Amber. Nancy had been friends with the seller’s Mom who lived here. We chatted for a while, and then I took them inside to meet Bud. They seemed very nice and friendly (as is Patsy, the seller’s wife) and I’m so looking forward to having them as neighbors. She gave me her address and phone number. Yes, they drive, have cell phones and electricity. They do dress in dresses and head coverings, though the younger newlywed was wearing a jean skirt made out of blue jeans and a t-shirt.

We had hotdogs for supper, and then drove up the hill to Patsy’s place to pick up the micro-fridge. Bud dropped me off at the top of the hill so I could make a phone call. Except for sketchy service bouncing off clouds from time to time which is only enough to send an email from my I-phone, the closest place we can get cell service is the top of the hill. I took a few pictures while I was up there. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Needless to say, after the hens went to bed, Bud and I headed that way, too, and it wasn’t even dark yet. We were asleep almost before our head hit the pillow while the sun was still setting. We were dog tired.

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