Rainy Days and Critters – 5

The wind rushed through the trees. The thunder boomed off of the surrounding hills and reverberated through the hollow. The rain was much needed, since Northwest Arkansas has been in a drought for the past year. We sat on the front porch and inhaled the scent of the rain as the peaceful music of raindrops enveloped us.

We hadn’t been sitting on the porch very long when Bud spied something up the hill. It was HUGE! Believe it or not, it was a wild turkey crossing the road. We didn’t ask him why he was crossing the road, but maybe we should have.

Not long after that we saw a huge creature swooping down to the stream. We believe it was either a Heron (they are blue in the Gulf Coast area) or an Egret. It was beautiful! He very gracefully hunted, stalked and caught many critters out of that stream there in the rain.

July 11 2013 066We had seen it across the way at the pond on several occasions, but it was really neat to see it up close and watch how it stalked it’s prey. It was very graceful.

It seems that all of the critters like to come out in the rain. The chickens always like to hunt during the rain, even when we are at home in Texas. They never seem to have the sense enough to come out of the rain. They could have easily gone into the hen house, but they didn’t…and I still feel horrible, even though it’s their choice (assuming they have the sense to know they need to get out of the rain). They seemed none worse for the wear.

Earlier in the day, before the rain started, Eula was out in the road. (It seems all birds have a fascination with crossing roads. Someday I’m going to get to the bottom of it and answer the age old question of ‘why’.) For the most part, the chickens have not gone out in the road, nor have they been tempted, so we were surprised she was out in the road. Then, Bud saw that there was a turtle in the road heading for the pond.

These chickens are not afraid of other animals. They are not afraid of lawn mowers, either. The other day, they were all under the car. We started the motor and they did not budge! We had to get a stick to get them out from under there.

Simba is terrified of the chickens, and they always come toward him and look at him like he is a tasty treat when he is outside.

Incidentally, we finally let the cat critter outside. As I said, he’s terribly afraid of the chickens. I’ve had to pick him up and put him outside in order to get him outside. He stays on the porch, mostly, but there have been a few times that he has ventured out to sniff some things, or spy on things from under the car.

Yesterday I took him across the stream, and once he felt that there was a safe distance between him and the chickens, he explored the old hen house, and then found a soft dirt hole the chickens had left.

We have seen so many interesting creatures that we have not gotten pictures of. Twice we have seen raccoons crossing the road. (There you go again.) It was broad daylight, too.

We have seen numerous hummingbirds, deer (we have seen a Doe and her Fawn numerous times), lots of dragonflies, butterflies, carpenter bees, fireflies, squirrels, groundhogs, snakes, spiders, and frogs. Actually, we have heard the frogs more than we have seen them. The variety of timbres and ranges of sounds their chorus makes throughout the night has been amazing. Throughout the night, different frogs sing at different times of the night. Bud said one set of frogs sounded like a woman counting, “EIGHTEEN!”

We have also heard owls hooting at night, “Who cooks for you?” We have heard coyotes, and of course, Big Foot. We haven’t seen him yet, though.

The other day, the hens were cackling their ‘alarm’ call and they were under a some brush on the path to the ‘loo’. Right as I came toward them to see what was wrong, a hawk swooped down out of nowhere. It saw me, and then flew off. I haven’t seen him since. That was kind of scary. Bud and I pray protection over ourselves and the hens every day.

Someone suggested that I post more pictures of the Kara Kreature. Hain’t no way. Right now with this new ‘do’ and being off our gluten free diet, I look like a transgendered beached whale who hasn’t taken a shower in a week!

Just an update: We couldn’t take it anymore. We tucked in the chickens for the night, and we checked in to the Super 8 tonight so that we could have a shower. That’s how I am able to publish my blog posts. I AM CLEAN, and I feel almost near heaven. We’ll head back early to let the chickens out after we have another shower!

12 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Critters – 5

    1. It seems that there is so much that happens every day! I feel like I have missed so much. I’ll have to go back and write about it all as it comes to me.


  1. I’m loving the pictures too and hearing all about the goings on. You two are brave sleeping in that little tent every night.
    Yay! for the hotel room! You two deserve it! I am so rejoicing with you that you are clean!


    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it. I have LOVED sleeping in the tent, believe it or not! I love hearing all of the sounds at night, and I have been surprisingly at peace at night.


    1. We found a very basic book that was left in the house about birds of Arkansas. We still weren’t sure whether it was an egret or heron. We need to get some more books, though, because you are right! I have never seen so many animals, insects, etc. It’s awesome!


  2. The pictures and stories are wonderful. I think you are brave also. Yes, you both deserved the Super 8 and a shower (s) Ask
    Bud to tell you about frog gigging with the Gillans, It was so much fun! Yes, I went frog gigging and loved it 🙂


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