Bud Goes to the Ozarks

I’ve had several people ask me how Bud felt about the move to Ozarks, and they expressed concern about how he would feel being stuck waaaaayyyy out there in the boonies away from everyone and everything.

This question really sort of blew me away. Maybe it’s because I saw him there enjoying it and heard him tell me how much he loved it there, however, I can sort of understand their concern, seeing how I keep posting pictures where he is all like this:

And this…

And this…

And this…

Doing things like this:

And this…

And this…

And especially when things like this happen to him:

And it seems like he is doing all of the hard work, and my work consists of this:

…and it seems like while he’s working out in the heat, I’m all like this:

…but I have finally unearthed some photos that reveal how Bud TRULY feels about living in the Ozarks. HE says that he really feels like this:

…and like this!

12 thoughts on “Bud Goes to the Ozarks

  1. LOL! Now I believe you…the pics say it all! I’m so glad y’all are both at peace w/ your new place! I guess 3 weeks out there in the conditions you were in, was a good litmus test! I’m rejoicing w/ you!


  2. I’m the one with the camera taking all of the pictures, so he is always in them, and it looks like he is doing all of the work, LOL. I’m very picky, too, about what pictures of me get posted. I know he really does look miserable in a lot of these pictures. (I sent the blog post to him to approve it before I posted it. ) 🙂

    I think you are right…three weeks living like that really WAS a good test. 🙂 We both can’t wait to go back up there. Bud has even said as much. Thanks for your comment, and for rejoicing with us!


  3. Loved all the pics, especially Bud in his “farmer Brown overalls”. Now that is THE evidence that he is a happy camper or country farmer. And I would like to see some pics of you occasionally. But I am the one who always takes the pics, so it is rare that I am in any of them. It’s OK. I have a good camera and don’t want to see it broken due to the subject matter. Smile
    You will never regret having all these pictures as evidence of the work you are doing from beginning to end, which probably seems to be no where in sight.
    Thanks for including me in your blog.
    Love you


    1. I sort of feel like you do regarding me breaking the camera, LOL. I don’t agree that you would break the camera, though. Why can’t we see ourselves the way everyone else sees us?

      I’m so grateful that you WANT to read my blog, and have appreciated your comments so much!

      I love you too!


  4. Dan was reluctant to get away from the city and get some land; but, when we went to visit my big brother several years ago who had land and lived out in the boonies, he saw the appeal and came on aboard with me. I think he’s happy that we made this move. He’s not happy that I’m sick a lot; but, he’s happy that I’m happy. And, I AM happy and content here. 🙂


    1. I can absolutely see why you both love your place. I’ll bet you will just continue to love it more and more as you get it fixed up like you want it, and begin to realize your dream of a ‘homestead’ with animals. I look forward to reading about it on your blog and watching it as it evolves.


  5. I was over on Shanda’s blog and noticed the name of yours. My husband grew up in the Ozarks….outside of the town of Yellville down in a valley on 45 acres. His dad and uncle both helped each other build a log home for each of their families and they lived just a few acres apart. His aunt and uncle still live there. We try to make it down every fall to visit, we’re hoping this year works out too. Anyway, we have been to the Walmart in Harrison you wrote about.

    The Ozarks are just beautiful. All of our kids would love to move down there. (we live near Chicago) However, all of our family is here and it would be hard to leave everyone. So we visit instead. 🙂 Your house is coming along, you have a beautiful piece of property and Bud looks pretty content to me. 😉
    It’s so peaceful in the Ozarks, and everyone is so nice….enjoy your new home!


    1. Thank you for stopping by, and for your comment!

      Yellville is just a hop, skip and a jump from our place, too. When we were looking for our property we stayed in the Silver Run Cabins in Yellville.They are very cute, quaint and reasonable. You are so blessed that you get to visit, and especially in the Fall! We just missed the peak season for the the leaves when we were looking for our property at Thanksgiving last year.

      What a rich childhood your husband must have had growing up in the Ozarks in a cabin near family! You are so right…it is so peaceful up there, and the people really ARE so nice, though I’ve met some really nice people in Chicago, too. 🙂


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