I really get around the Internet, and I often stumble upon some really great links. I have always enjoyed shared links on blogs, so I thought I would make a post of links too. It probably won’t be a regular feature.

1. Clutter Clearing Myths This is an excellent article about things that hinder in decluttering. I’m starting to clear the clutter before we move, and this article was very helpful in deciding what to keep and what to pass on to someone else.

2. Cats Stealing Dogs’ Beds –  (Video) This is one of the funnier videos I’ve seen in a while. It is what it says…a whole bunch of cats stealing the dog’s bed.

3. Catboys – (Video) Cat Herders. LOL. That’s all I have to say about this one.

4. Your Canned Pumpkin Probably Isn’t! – Who knew? Much of the canned pumpkin sold in grocery stores is really a mixture of different types of squash, including pumpkin. (I thought the last can of pumpkin I bought tasted funny!)

5. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – November is National Novel Writing Month! The idea is to write a novel in a month. Everyone is doing it, and this is a way to get that novel you’ve always wanted to write done! Accountability and a timetable are the keys. I’m thinking about doing it!

6. Homemade Chai Tea Mix – I love Chai Tea. I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but doesn’t it look scrumptious? It would make a very pretty gift!

7. No Knead Cranberry Walnut Bread – I haven’t tried this recipe, but yes,  I’m still craving bread as of late. I have tried plain ‘no knead’ bread several times, and it’s so easy. I highly recommend you try a ‘no-knead’ bread if you haven’t. This one looks scrumptious!

8. Plain No Knead Bread – Here is a good first try recipe for No Knead Bread.

9. Top 10 Grain-Free Bread Recipes – Be good. Be good. These look like very good alternatives.

10. Meal Worm Farming – I’m not an expert, and this is not an informational blog. My hope, is that sharing my experiences with you will stir you to do your own research. That said, this was one of the most helpful links I found about Meal Worm Farming.

11. Feds Vs. Raisins – This is an informative video about how the Feds are stealing a portion of the raisin farmers’ crops. This might be a little heavy for some of you, but it’s very interesting. Who knew this was going on? More importantly…WHY? Why would they want part of the raisin crop?

12. Seeds of the Month Subscription Heirloom Seeds shipped to you every month (based on your gardening zone, too). Approximately 4 packs of seeds every month for about $3.11 per month. I haven’t signed up yet, but I’m thinking about doing it when we finally move.

13. Sleep Cleans the Brain of ToxinsA study reveals that he brain uses sleep to wash away the waste toxins built up during a hard day’s thinking. I dunno…what do you think?

14. How Exercise Makes Your Brain Grow – Recent research reveals that exercise promotes a process now known as neurogenesis, i.e. your brain’s ability to adapt and grow new brain cells, regardless of your age.

15.  Top Brain/Bottom Brain – An article that challenges the idea of ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’. This kind of stuff fascinates me. Again, what do you think about this?

16. Do You See What I See? – 12 fascinating facts about chicken eyesight. Very informative article about how chickens see.

17. Chicken Coop 101 – 13 Lessons the writer has learned about building chicken coops. I’ve started dreaming already of the new (MUCH-LARGER-For-more-chickens) chicken coop we will build when we move. I found this article to be informative.While I’ve been very happy with our hen house, there are definitely things I would like to add in the next one. It really is true that you live and learn.

18. A Chook Fee-duh! (Video) – This is an Aussie showing how he built a really neat ‘low-mess’ chicken feeder. At least listen to the first minute or two so you can hear his accent. Love it.

19. Bird Brain – Chickens are smarter than you think! This video will blow you away!

20. Chicken Spa Treatment – Very informative article about a ‘spa treatment’ for chickens when they are under the weather. I tried this with Betty and Lucille, and I would swear they look perkier and more energetic. They really seemed to enjoy it. They sat still during the bath, and seemed to really enjoy the ‘blow dry’.

21. Apertures, Shutters and ISO’s, Oh My! – A very good and concise explanation of Apertures, Shutters and ISO’s that even I can understand. :-/

…and last but not least…some cartoons. I have no idea who to give credit for these. If it’s yours, hunt me down and string me up. I’ll give credit where credit is due.





6 thoughts on “Links

    1. We do tend to have the same wave-link going, don’t we?

      There have been times that you’ve posted about something, and I have thought, “Rats. Now I can’t post what I was thinking of posting, because it’s too close to what Lee Ann posted, and she’ll think I’m stealing her idea, or that I am a ‘copy cat’.” LOL.

      You are one of the ones I mentioned whose links I love to see because we have such similar interests, so I can’t wait to see what you post. 🙂 It seems that a lot of people do it, though, and I love them.

      I’m so glad to know someone who is actually doing the ‘Seeds of the Month’ and glad to have feedback. You know I’m chomping at the bit to start doing things up there at our place, but I’m just reigning everything in.


  1. You never have to worry about stealing ideas or being a copy-cat. After all, I stole the idea from someone else! LOL. She was just posting links to sales on fabrics and crafty posts though.. I wanted to post a variety that struck my interest whether or not it interested others. 🙂

    Honestly, I think our shared links are not even close that it’d be rare it we ever post the same links. You and I apparently travel on different highways on the interwebs. Ha! Anyway, I think the more the merrier. 🙂


    1. I have always loved the variety of your links, and that was my inspiration, though I follow a blog about tiny home and a Paleo blog that do the same, only they are dedicated to their topic.

      What do you mean that we travel on different Interweb Highways? You telling me you don’t care whether the feds are stealing the raisins? LOL. Just kidding. 🙂

      I do like your variety, and I also like to be exposed to to new roads. It’s interesting to discover things I might not otherwise be exposed to.


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