I need your help

Nov12013 027

I need suggestions for a Title to my novel.

Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). You are supposed to attempt to write a 500,000 word Novel in one Month. The idea is that this is a way to get you started with writing it under a timetable and to make yourself accountable. It doesn’t have to be perfect or finished…it just has to be 500,000 words by the end of the month.

I have never written a novel before. I have never had any great ideas as to a story line that I would like to write, though I’ve contemplated writing a biography for posterity’s sake. I do enjoy writing, though.

With most things I do, I bolt out of the gate, then slow to a snail’s pace, and if I make it to the finish line, I’m gasping for breath, parched and crawling on hands and knees.

Nov12013 025

I’m posting about it for several reasons.

1). To make myself accountable. If I have publicly stated that I’m going to do it, it makes it harder to drop it than if I am doing it secretly.

2). I hope that the idea might stir up anyone who has been thinking about writing a book to take the plunge.

3) I need suggestions for a Title for my novel.

Though I have a few ideas for a Title, I don’t feel settled with any of them, and I was hoping that maybe one of you might have some ideas. You can make an anonymous suggestion if you feel more comfortable doing it that way. My blog is now public, so anonymous posting of comments is allowed.

Here is the synopsis:

40 year old Destinee Woods is an unassuming housewife, living a predictable life. When the economy starts to collapse, and riots ensue, society begins to breaks down. Disease and death are rampant. Destie and her husband, in fear for their lives, leave the upheaval in the city and head toward the safety of their cabin in the mountains. On the way there, Destie inadvertently finds herself being pursued by agents of a Shadow Government.  The agents are part of a secret government program in which remote viewers are employed to foresee the future. They are alerted when they remote view a woman who would be a powerful obstacle in their plans to assume total control of the World. They are afraid of her, not because of her physical strength or intellectual ability, but because of the power of God behind her. They want her dead; however, she is protected, and their spiritual force is no match to the angels protecting her.  In what becomes a war between good and evil, Destie finds herself becoming totally reliant upon God for her escape and survival. Destie becomes a light of hope and tower of strength to pockets of weary people she meets along the way who have survived the collapse.

That’s the gist of it! The synopsis could change a little as I go along, but basically, that’s the general idea.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any suggestions for a title that you might have. Even if I don’t choose your suggestion,  it doesn’t mean it’s not a good suggestion or that it’s not a good idea. I just need to find one which I think fits the story.

Nov12013 021


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