Over the river and through the woods…

July 20 2013 001

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything about the Little House. We will be going up there the week of Thanksgiving to work on it. There is even a rumor that my Dad might be coming up there for a few days to help us! If that rumor turns out to be true, I’m very much looking forward to seeing him, and I plan to take lots of pictures. We won’t have the internet up there yet, but if I can steal away, I might be able to make a blog post and use the free WiFi at the Laundromat to upload it, like I did last time. Otherwise, I’ll just have to post it after we get back.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to going back up there. The chickens will be going with us, too. They have been complaining that there is not much protein left in our small backyard. I have thrown them a token gift of a few meal worms, but it has just been a tease for them. (I have to wait until my stock is built up before I give them very many). They loved it up there in the Ozarks last time we took them. I know the new little ones will enjoy it just as much.

I have been meaning to post some floor plans of the the Little House. These are rough plans made by Bud on his computer. Here is a picture of the original floor plan. There are no doors anywhere in the house (except to the outside). There are, however, openings for doors. The previous owners had curtains up for a little privacy between the rooms. We have since taken those down, as we’ve needed to tear paneling off in those rooms.


OriginalThe bathroom, of course, no longer looks like this since Bud ripped it out to fix the floor. Also, there is a great attic, which I’ve mentioned before, that we will turn into a loft, that is not shown on the above floorplan.

Here are the proposed floor plans for both the downstairs and the upstairs. This is just a rough draft of what we could do. It is not set in stone. We are open to any changes that might need to be made as we start to work on it. Quite possibly, the stairs will not open into the living room, but only in the kitchen.

What is listed as the ‘Activity Room’ is where the kitchen table will go, but we are planning on putting in lots of windows in that room, so we envision that this room will be where we sew, write, work on crafts, etc. We’re still considering the possibilities. We have thought of the possibility  putting in window seats that you can recline on, too.


House Downstairs

The upstairs will be a loft room that opens out onto the kitchen. The kitchen will have a high ceiling. We haven’t decided, exactly, where the appliances will go yet. The upstairs bathroom will just be a half bath…no tub…just a toilet and a sink.



The upstairs loft will probably end up being where our computers are, or possibly where guests can stay. What we really want to do is to build a guest cabin, or maybe even two. We want to have a place for people to just come and get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life…to contemplate, enjoy the fresh air, and untie all of their knots.

We have several ideas in mind. One idea is that we can put the guest cabin where the original hen house is, across the stream. There will eventually be a bridge over the stream to get to it.

IMG_0454The problem that will have to be worked out is where the septic system will go. There are other options on the property, but then we will need to work out how to get water to the cabin. Since our water comes from the spring, it will need to be piped into the guest cabin, wherever we put it, so we probably won’t want the guest cabin too far. The old owners had the water from the spring piped uphill quite a distance to their new house (before they drilled their well),  so I guess it’s possible to do it.

There is also the possibility of just keeping things really primitive in the guest cabin, since it will only be short term ‘getaway’, with maybe a water dispenser for washing hands and drinking, or making tea or coffee in a press. You could heat water on a little butane stove. I’ve seen ‘tiny homes’ with a similar setup, and it seemed workable to me. Some people actually live like that permanently, and also use indoor compost toilets or incinerating toilets.

What do you think?  I think it would be neat to stay in a cabin with a wood burning stove for heat, and kerosene lamps for light. I think I would like that experience, but then, I have always been a little strange. Give me a stew pot to relieve my bladder, and I’m good to go, LOL. 😉 Seriously, though…maybe we could have an outhouse or something if we kept it primitive. There would always be the bathroom inside the Little House if someone wanted to use a flush toilet or take a shower, if you know what I mean.

Our current house here in the ‘burbs is about 1800 square feet. The Little House, to the best of my recollection, is about 1000 feet, so we are struggling to downsize before we move. It’s difficult to decide what to keep and what to pass on to someone else. We haven’t had much trouble letting go of things that serve no purpose other than to look pretty, or things that are so fancy we’ll never use or would be out of place up there. It’s really the things that ‘we might use someday’ that are the real hangup.

I’m afraid that we will have missed the ‘peak leaf color’ by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, but I’m hoping we will at least see a bit of Fall color. Here in Texas we have NO color change at all, so if there are leaves left on the trees in the Ozarks by Thanksgiving, I’ll be a happy camper…no pun intended.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!

Nov42013 021

8 thoughts on “Over the river and through the woods…

  1. Looks great! When do you think you will be able to move out there permanently?
    I had to laugh at the chickens begging to go back for their yummy protein treats! 🙂
    that picture at the end is so pretty!


    1. Bud will retire at the end of this year. The last official day at school is in the beginning of June. We hope to move up there permanently sometime soon after that. We’ll move whether it is liveable at that time or not. I’ve read suggestions to fix up one room at a time, and just ‘live’ in that room. I imagine that’s what we’ll do. We’re hoping to have the toilet and shower in by the end of Thanksgiving week. That, in itself, will make things a whole lot more pleasant, if you know what I mean. 😉


  2. The plans look good and what fun to come visit you and stay either upstairs or in the “hen house”. smile. Also, You can get those spring rods pretty cheap at walmart to use for privacy curtain to rooms where privacy is needed. I use them under the roof of our deck for hanging wet/damp clothes on hangars to dry. Very useful items that will stretch different lengths and you don’t have to put any nails in the walls.

    Gotta go get busy or the day will be gone. Dark comes earlier with the time change.


  3. How exciting! Looks like everything is coming together! The guest cabin sounds very cool, but if I had the choice, I would use the indoor toilet over the outhouse. I am always worried that some bug is going to bite me on my behind.


    1. LOL! Um…yeah…I feel you on that one. I really don’t like pit toilets or outhouses, either. I think we’ll need to come up with a different solution. 🙂


  4. I love your plans for the house. Can’t really make suggestions on the guest house, since my idea of “ruffing it” is a Motel 6, lol


    1. LOL. Well, we’ve decided to just keep it ‘rough’. I’m so tired of cleaning carpets that continually get spots on them no matter how careful we are…tired of spots and damage to sheetrock, sheetrock that needs to be painted, and other various things that go wrong with a house and have to be repaired, as well as having to have everything in it’s place all the time. I’ve lived in ‘nice houses’ and I’m more than ready for ‘rustic’. It fits with our area, and it’s the outside that is the attraction for us…not the inside. 🙂


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