Happy Fall Y’all!

November 182013 011We have been having our typical Houston ‘Fall’ here. It gets cold…or at least cool for a few days, and then the cool retreats and we are left with humid mugginess. After having a few nights that got into the the 40’s we had to turn on the air conditioning just a few short days later.

There are perks, though. One thing, is that we often have flowers, plants and even fruit through the Fall. I bought some Thyme and Marigolds at Walmart the other day. I read about how herbs and some flowers are good as insect repellants in the hen house and nesting boxes.

I’m going to plant them outside. I have a small area where I have planted Oregano, Sage and Rosemary. My Thyme plant died, so I bought one to replace it. I love fresh Thyme. I’ll plant the Marigolds out there too. Supposedly Marigolds  will bloom all through the winter through to Spring here.

November 182013 014b

Marigolds are good to repel mosquitoes in the coop. Mosquitoes can carry Fowl Pox (a virus which can infect chickens).  It can cause poor egg production, and in the case of ‘Wet Fowl Pox’, it can cause death.

Supposedly, the chickens can eat Marigolds, and it will turn their yolks a deep golden yellow. My picky chickens turned up their noses at them, just like they did the pumpkin. I still forced them to enjoy some Marigolds, Rosemary, Oregano and Sage in their nesting boxes, whether they liked it or not.

I had one hen that was broody for a while and she smelled so nice (due to her herb-infested nesting box) when I removed her from the nest. It’s important to try to bring them out of their broodiness if they are not really hatching eggs because they don’t eat or drink much during that time and can become malnourished and dehydrated if allowed to continue in their broodiness. They are always so docile and snuggly when they are broody. When I would go to remove her from the nest, she screeched at me, but then ‘settled in’ to my arms. I just wanted to hold her and sniff her because she smelled so ‘herb-y’. LOL.

Our Meyer Lemon tree is full of lemons, and they are just becoming ripe. I’ve picked several of them already. Meyer Lemons are not as tart as regular lemons, and to me, taste like the they have a hint of fruitiness to them.

November 182013 020

November 182013 025We have another volunteer acorn squash plant that sprung up in the backyard where I threw the pulp out for the chickens (which they didn’t eat…I have no idea why I keep trying and hoping they will eat them). This one is even bigger than the last. There have been lots of blossoms, and there are already several small acorn squashes that have formed. (Is the plural of squash-squashes? Or is it just squash? If so, please forgive my grammar faux pas.)

November 182013 019It’s in the shape of a triangle. What does that mean? That the chickens are phoning home? I don’t know.

November 182013 017Though the Crepe Myrtles have pooped out for the season, and have actually given us some Fall color (those are my herbs in the back left where I’ll plant the Marigolds and Thyme)…

November 182013 032

…The Lantana is still blooming.

November 182013 030

…and Simba is still mooning. (He’s an old kitty cat who sleeps most of the time…not to mention that the lady who lives katty-cornered to us (ironically) who has six cats already, has made it no secret that she loves him too, and has continued to let him partake of her vittles when I’ve asked her not to let him do it. So…he can’t go outside anymore until we move to the new place.)

November 182013 028The new chickens are settling in and they are slowly integrating with the rest of the flock. (I’ll spare you more chicken pictures).

I am plugging away at my super exciting novel for NaNoWriMo. I have to finish a week early since we will be gone the last week in November. The goal is 50,000 words. It doesn’t have to be finished yet, you just have to have 50,000 words. I’m about 3,500 away, and should reach the goal today or tomorrow.

We’ll be leaving on Saturday to go to the Little House, and I am very excited. My Dad is going to meet us up there, and help us work on the house. (Don’t tell him this, but I am just looking forward to seeing him, whether he works or not). I probably won’t be able to make any posts until I come back, since  we won’t have Internet service up there.

I hope you enjoyed my Fall pictures!

…and that’s the news from Lake Winnepesaukah.

PS: One more thing…if you have read this far. Please, please please visit the following link. It’s about a woman who raised some chicks and provided a chicken coop to an Old Folks Home. I love my chickens so much. I can only imagine how much these elderly people must love these chickens. I pray the Lord blesses this woman. She is a saint in my book.

This post made me cry. It’s so heartwarming…at least to me…but maybe because I love my chickens so much…or maybe it’s because I’m hormonal. Probably both.

Nursing Home Hens

Oct. 18 2013 009

6 thoughts on “Happy Fall Y’all!

  1. Very informational and I love the squash plant, it’s beautiful! Will you be staying in the house this time and how will you heat it? I will pray that everything goes well with the remodelling with no unusual glitches. You must be so excited! Give Daddy a hug from me!


    1. Hello Grannie,

      Yes, we will be staying at the house. Brrrr…it’s supposed to turn really cold this weekend, too. We have one space heater and we’re going to get another before we go. Dad is bringing one too. I’m hoping it will be enough. We haven’t yet gotten our propane tank there. Eventually, we’ll add a gas wall heater, and I’ll have a gas stove. We’ll also have a wood stove, eventually. Maybe we can get those things over the Christmas break.

      We’re hoping to get the bathtub, toilet, water heater and pressure tank in this time. That will be exciting. I think Bud is more worried about those things, than the heat this trip.

      I will give Dad a hug for you. I’m very excited about seeing him. I’m just hoping he will slow down enough to enjoy the visit. You know he likes to work. 🙂 I don’t know, though…we might need to keep working to stay warm, LOL. I see that right now, it’s 39 degrees at our place. High is supposed to be 60 today. It will drop a lot this weekend though. 😦


  2. Love your update and the story of the lady taking hens to the nursing home. Really delightful and sweet story. Just think how much fun it will be for them to have some animals to love and care for and watch every day. Thanks for sending it out.


    1. That’s what I was thinking, too…about the people at the home.

      My life is so mundane, that I don’t think most people would be interested in reading about it.

      Thank you for reading and for commenting..

      I love you. 🙂


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