I couldn’t wait to share these links…

Sorry to overload you with two posts in one day. This might not be of interest to some people who read my blog, but I know that I have some friends and family members who are Introverts who will love these articles. If you are an Extrovert and know an Introvert, it might help you to understand us a little better. 😉 …to realize that what you think you might perceive about us based on our outward appearance or mannerisms, is not what is actually going on in the wild world of our interior. Believe it or not, though we might sit there like a zombie on the outside, it’s quite active in there on the inside!

I can see how there would be a tendency to think that Introverts want the whole world to revolve around them, based on this article. I think that the point of the articles is just to explain why we are the way we are. We just want to be accepted and understood-just like we are-, instead of having other people expect us to be what, who or like they want us to be.

Truth be told, most people of all temperament types expect other people to be just like them. We are all different, and the key is understanding and allowing the other people who are not like you to be who they are. It’s okay…really. It took me a long time to get to that point. No one way of being is ‘wrong’…it’s just who we are.

Finding out that I was an Introvert was life changing for me. It opened my eyes to see that it’s not wrong that I need a lot of down or ‘alone’ time to recharge. I’m okay, just the way I am.

Some Introverts can be ‘Extroverted’ when they need to be, but it’s exhausting.

For those of you who know Bud, you might find it interesting to know that Bud considers himself to be an Introvert too.

These articles are me to a ‘T’. If you have ever wondered why I am so weird, this is why…or…at least 80 percent of ‘why’. 😉

Are you an Innie or an Outie?

The second article is interesting if you are an Introvert who is on a Paleo Diet. LOL. It’s still quite revealing about what makes an Introvert tick.

The Introvert’s Guide to Paleo (For Extroverts, too)

4 thoughts on “I couldn’t wait to share these links…

  1. I keep coming up with INFJ or something similar no matter how many times I take the test or the number years apart I take them. We make up one percent of the population which makes me feel lonesome. Rofl! 🙂


    1. I only took it once. I came up with INFP and we are about 4.3% of the population. I’ll keep you company if you’ll keep me company. LOL. It’s probably why we ‘get’ each other. 🙂


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