I am INFP. What are you?

Sometimes, we think we know people, but we really don’t. I usually don’t place much stock in these personality tests, but I have to say, this one is right on for me.

I feel deeply…and sometimes that can hurt like hell when I put myself out there and I am rejected. Sometimes people think I’m unemotional or bland, but maybe that’s just because I don’t choose to share my deepest, innermost being with you for fear of being hurt. I have learned not to ‘put myself out there’ with people who don’t appreciate me for being me.

One of the fictional characters that has my temperament type is Anne of Friggin’ Green Gables! I loved the book, but she was a little ‘over the top’, even for me! Another is Julia Roberts. Again, a little over the top…but they are sincere with it, and only have the best intentions.

So, if I allow you into my heart, if I allow you to see the real ‘me’, and I then appear to be ‘overly gushy’ or ‘too much’ in my expression of fondness for you, pure though it is…it’s just ME. A sunset or sunrise can bring me to tears, for heaven’s sake. If I am grateful, I express it. Some people just don’t get that, but it is borne from the deepest part of me.

The first time I was ever ‘stung’ by the realization that someone might think this was odd, was at my First Grade Christmas Party. We all brought gifts to be exchanged, and we drew numbers to see who would draw which gift. I drew the gift that Carol brought. It was a necklace with a locket on it. Gratitude welled up in me. I walked right over to Carol with a big smile on my face and gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips (something my family always did with one another) and told her thank you. She just gave me a look that said I was ‘odd’ and I stood there wondering what I had done that was so wrong. It was borne out of a pure heart.

It’s a shame that people can’t appreciate the quirks and idiosyncrasies in people and just appreciate them for who they are.

One of the other qualities that people of my temperament types have is that they can find a good quality in even the slimiest, worst people. That’s me, but often, contact with these people ends up biting me in the butt!

Here is the profile for an INFP. I’m placing the link for the test below it, in hopes that you might take the test and share it with me so I can get to know the parts of you that you just don’t tell people, or that they might not understand about you.

INFP personalities are usually perceived as calm, reserved or even shy. However, such an exterior can be deceptive – even though INFPs can be somewhat cautions, their inner flame and passion is not something to be taken lightly. People with this personality type are really affectionate, a trait not often seen in other types. This compassion can be really fervent and long-lasting – but the INFP will use it quite cautiously, directing their energies towards a few selected people or a worthy cause. Idealism is the banner of INFP personalities – and they are proud of it. Unfortunately, it also means that INFPs can often feel misunderstood and isolated, as they are relatively rare (only 4.3% of U.S. population).

People with the INFP personality type have a clear sense of honor, which inspires and motivates them. If someone wants to get to know an INFP, it is crucial to know what drives them, to understand their chosen cause.

INFPs seek harmony in their lives and the surrounding environment, often feeling dejected because of all the bad things happening in the world and trying hard to create something positive. People with this personality type tend to see things and actions from the idealistic perspective, rather than the prism of logic. They respond to beauty, morality, virtue rather than utility, effectiveness or value.

INFPs can easily speak in metaphors and parables, and they also have an amazing gift of creating and interpreting symbols – for this reason, INFPs often find it natural to write and enjoy poetry. This personality type does not worship logic, unlike the NT types – from their viewpoint, logic is not always necessary. It is also likely that an INFP will not enjoy hypothetical or never-ending discussions.

INFPs may also often retreat into their “hermit” state (this personality type can easily switch between the two states), withdrawing from the world and getting lost in their deep thoughts – their partner may then need to spend quite a lot of effort to energize and “awaken” the INFP.

INFPs have the trait common among NF types – their aptitude for foreign languages is unmatched. INFPs also often become great writers and actors, as they can easily reflect and convey their own personalities using the fictional characters. Generally speaking, people with this personality type are extremely creative, innovative and goal-oriented – they can be great advocates for causes they truly believe in.

Finally, most INFPs have the ability to notice even the slightest hint of good in other people. In INFP eyes, even the most revolting person will have something worthy of respect or, at the very least, sympathy.

If you would like to learn more about the INFP personality type and its traits, download the INFP In-Depth Profile – a 60+ page guide covering a number of diverse topics. Otherwise, please keep reading:

Some famous INFPs:
St. Mary
St. John
St. Luke
William Shakespeare
Donna Reed
Julia Roberts
J. F. Kennedy, Jr.
Lisa Kudrow

Some fictional INFPs:
Anne of Green Gables
Deanna Troi (Star Trek)
Wesley Crusher (Star Trek)
Dr. Julian Bashir (Star Trek)


Link to the Test:

Click Here

6 thoughts on “I am INFP. What are you?

  1. From what I understand and see, I think you are just like your mother. I loved her and her quiet ways. But she could make herself be understood. Lots of good qualities.


    1. Thank you, Aunt Suzanne, for loving me just the way I am. 🙂 …and also for the nice compliments about my mother. I really miss her. I can say that she understood me, and I understood her, too.


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