Odd People

I was washing dishes, and I just saw a man walk by…a man I’ve seen many times before. He must be in his 70’s. He walks quite frequently…walks to the park that is close, and sometimes makes a loop around our neighborhood.

He was wearing long shorts that came down almost to his knees with tube socks that came almost to his knees. The shirt he was wearing was a white undershirt. His gray hair was obviously covered by hair color, and looked like a faded football helmet.

Though he walked with a hunch in his back, he walked like he was going to a fire! He had trash in both of his hands. He had apparently picked up trash on the way home from the park, and was taking it home to throw it away.

Does anyone notice this? Does anyone appreciate this man for who he is?

This same man also picks up the free newspapers that we never read and either brings them up to the porch, or slips them in between our mailbox and the post so it won’t be saturated in the rain. I have seen him do it for the neighbor’s across the street, too.

I see you, dear man, and I appreciate you!

WALK ON! You make a difference.

I would love to read your comments!

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