The Plumber Came And Then We Were Thankful on Thanksgiving Day.

dec12013 123The plumber made plans to be there on Wednesday around 9:00 a.m. The entire trip, Bud and I woke up really early so we were bright eyed and bushy-tailed when the sun began to wake up. I got up and started the coffee pot so that it would be ready after we got dressed. I put my jeans in front of the space heater for a few minutes to warm them up. Then, I got dressed to my boots, and took food and water out to the chickens.

I cooked a hot breakfast that morning, a welcome treat from the cold muffins we had eaten the two previous days. I made breakfast tacos, and they tasted so good to us that I made them the next three mornings in a row.

July 11 2013 026(My camp stove, which I love! It’s inside the house, now that it’s too cold to cook outside.)

I diced a potato, and some onion, and put them in a pan with plenty of butter. Then I added some diced, pickled jalapenos on top, and stirred occasionally until the potatoes were soft. I added salt and pepper to taste, and then added a little bit of the jalapeno juice to the pan and kept it on the fire it until the juice cooked down. Finally I added the eggs and cooked them until they were done. We ate them on flour tortillas. Mmmmmm…with a cup of hot coffee…Perfecto!

The plumber (and his helper) came a little late. They both commented on how good the house looked! LOL. They said they had seen a lot of houses in this area that needed plumbing work which were completely dilapidated. They were impressed with the solid oak wood on the walls. Apparently, the job didn’t scare them off. They got to work, asking a lot of questions about what our plans were so they could better understand what we needed them to do. Bud hung around to watch and ask questions.

I swept the house. There is a never ending supply of dust and dirt that comes off of the walls and ceiling. I also cleaned and organized the food/dishes/cooking supplies. That had been bugging me for a long time, and I was glad to finally have a chance to do it.

dec12013 121After that I burned trash, and also started to burn some wood from dead trees that had collected in places. Bud wanted those piles gone, because he felt it was too attractive a place for snakes looking to hide there. He made me promise I would be careful (and I was).

I watched as the plumbers went back and forth to their van. They seemed very friendly, and one of them told me I was doing the hard work, and asked if I would come burn the brush at his house when I finished mine. LOL.

By the time the plumbers left, we had a brand new toilet installed!


Man, I’m telling you…I felt like a queen on a throne the first time I used it. I was telling my Dad that I was glad we had to wait to get it in, because it made me twice as thankful for it. Bud put one of the tower space heaters right by it. It was heaven. Sitting on the camp toilet we had was excruciating in the cold house, in fact, Bud expressed concern that I might get stuck, much like the guy in ‘The Christmas Story’ who got his tongue stuck to the flag pole. That would have been embarrassing.

Since we don’t yet have a wall for the bathroom, Bud put a tarp around that area so we could have some privacy. It would have been bad news if he hadn’t…the bathroom is right across from the kitchen! >:-{}

The plumbers didn’t want to tackle the the water heater, pressure pump or bathtub that day. They had to do some adjustments to the outflow of the toilet so that it would drain properly. They promised to continue to work on it so that the rest of it would be done by the time we go back up there the last week of December.

dec12013 061On Thanksgiving Day, we got up and did our routine. While I was cooking breakfast, the lady who invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner stopped by to let us know what time to be there (no cell phone service). It was so sweet of her to drive all the way to our house (about two, curvy, up-and-down miles). She had not yet decided on a time for dinner, when she came by previously.

We left about an hour before we were supposed to be there. We drove up the hill, and went to see the Sellers (our neighbors). We wanted to take them some lemons. We had a short, but sweet visit, but didn’t stay long because they had family there. We didn’t want to intrude. They are very sweet people. She sent me a picture, today, of their front yard! Looks like we missed all the fun!

photoAfter that, we left to go visit some more neighbors who are ‘homesteading’ with their property who invited us to church when we were there over the summer. They gave us some delicious sausage from a hog they raised and slaughtered when were there this past summer. When we went there on Thanksgiving Day, we gave them some lemons, and they seemed to be happy to see us. They invited us in for appetizers, and we chatted a while. We left with the promise of getting together for a visit when we are up there next time.

Finally we arrived at the house of the dear sweet woman who invited us for Thanksgiving Dinner. She cooked the whole she-bang for Me, Bud, Her and Her Son. It was all so delicious! Turkey and all the trimmings, with Pumpkin and Pecan Pie for dessert. She wouldn’t let me help with the dishes…said she wanted to save them for later, and just enjoy the visit…and we did.

dec12013 041The son has about 70 new hens that just started laying, plus some Guinea Hens. The Guinea Hens eat ticks, but they also will attack all of the bigger, poisonous snakes that chickens run away from.

After Dinner, I got acquainted with a few of his hens that had escaped the fence. They were in the yard. I pretended that I was scratching in the grass for something with my fingers. Chickens are suckers for that every time. They just can’t stand it. A Barred Rock had to come check it out and came very close to me. I put my hand on her back, and she went into ‘submissive’ stance. I gave her a good rub down on her neck and up and down her back. Then she ruffled her feathers and took off without even a ‘thank you’ or a ‘good bye’.

The son gave us two dozen eggs to take home. He said they had eggs coming out of the ears. I thought that was very sweet. They are going to sell their eggs, but found out that most people will not buy them if they are fertilized, so they had to butcher all of their roosters.

Older hens typically go through a molt in the Fall/Winter. They don’t lay when they molt, and their egg production wanes in the Winter due to the shorter days and less sunlight. Our new girls who are under a year old are laying, but the older hens are not. Needless to say we were very happy to get those eggs!

When the sun started to set behind the hills, we needed to get home in order to close up the hen house, and secure the hens from predators. We said our goodbyes to our dear friends and we left with full bellies and warm memories.

(To Be Continued….)

8 thoughts on “The Plumber Came And Then We Were Thankful on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Wow, that fixture for the bathroom must have felt like it was Heaven sent! You will be in hog heaven when the rest of the bathroom is finished and you can get a shower.

    What a blessing to have such sweet and thoughtful neighbors. I bet the Thanksgiving dinner was one of the best and most appreciated you and Bud have ever had. Isn’t the Almighty good?

    Love today’s post. Thanks


    1. Yes. 🙂 I was…and am, SO GRATEFUL for every little thing that is accomplished in the house, and I am bowled over by the thoughtfulness of our neighbors. It was a very good Thanksgiving. Every trip up there it is harder to leave. I think it’s going to be a very good move for the both of us. I can’t wait!


  2. Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful. Good neighbors are hard to find in the city. I’m so glad you have found good ones at the Little House! The toilet looks great and I know you are grateful for it. I could just imagine your bottom sticking to the seat of the old one! Do you plan to buy a guinea? Sounds like it might be needed for the big snakes…


    1. We have two different neighbors who have guineas and they are so noisy! I don’t think I could stand it. You’re right, though. They will eat the big snakes. Our hope is that at the very least, the chickens will stir them up out of the general area, or at least alert us to them. They do let you know if they come across something scary as they are foraging…they just won’t eat it.

      YES, we love our neighbors. 🙂 They have been an unlooked for surprise. We didn’t expect to have such good neighbors, or so much interaction with them. It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to, and that’s very unlike me.


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