Friday-Our Last Day

dec12013 133(Old Hen House)

There has been no time that our plans, and what we hoped to accomplish while we were up at the Little House, have gone according to our time table. I truly believe that God’s timing and will is best, though, and He has proven it over and over since we bought the place.

With one day left to work, we didn’t really feel like we could start any big projects. Looking back, I think it was probably one of my favorite days there, second to Thanksgiving Day.

The sun was shining brightly, and the temperatures warmed up quickly. I was happy to see that the chickens were foraging actively and covering a lot of ground. Simba looked to be feeling really good, too. I always worry about the long trip up there, and it’s impact on their well-being.

dec12013 050I have been very curious about the old building across the pond, in fact, I would say I have been fascinated by it from the first time we looked at the property. At one point, the Seller mentioned that he would be burning it down. I think he thought that we thought it was an eyesore. I told him I hoped he would not burn it down…that I had bragged about what a picturesque view we had over there…that it was a little piece of Arkansas History. So far, he has not burned it. We asked the Sellers when we saw them on Thanksgiving if we could go over there and takeΒ  a closer look. I got a lot of neat pictures, and I’m going to do another separate post on that.

I continued burning wood and also some old magazines. There are so many magazines that were left in the house! I know how horrible it is, and that I should find some better solution, but with only two more trips up there to the house before we move, it’s imperative that we make room to move in when Bud retires in June. We took a lot of stuff to be dumped back home to put on the curb. It was averaging about $13 dollars a load when we took it the ‘Recycling Center’, (in reality, a glorified dump). Bud didn’t want to weigh the trailer down any more than we had to. So…burn, burn, burn we did.

dec12013 105I have never had the experience of having so many leaves in my yard that they needed to be raked and burned. As you have seen in some of the pictures, we missed the Fall Peak of color and most of the leaves were on the ground. We did see some color toward Texarkana and Hot Springs on the way up there, though.

IMG_0683I found a perverse pleasure in watching the leaves burn. Hehe. The chickens enjoyed scratching in the piles, and no matter how I tried to keep them out of them, they were drawn to them like an addict. I had a metal rake at one point, and there were some leaves stuck in the tines. Bud told me to catch them on fire on the rake and start the next pile on fire. I think I might have a touch of Pyromania or something. Eventually, he connected the piles with a trail of leaves, so that it was one, long continuously-self-combusting pile o’ burning leaves.

dec12013 115

dec12013 106

dec12013 116

dec12013 109

Our hair and clothes smelled like smoke afterward, and I didn’t enjoy that part.

dec12013 127

While he was working on the leaves, I worked on cleaning out the pump house because it needs to be cleaned before the Plumbers come back. They are going to install the pressure tank in the Pump house. Here are some before and after pictures. I’m also posting some pictures for my Dad (if he is reading) because it was hard to describe the nature of the pump house and how it works.

dec12013 070

dec12013 069

dec12013 071

dec12013 072


dec12013 111

It felt good to get that job done! There were years and years worth of either rat droppings or squirrel droppings in there! I forgot to mention that Bud had to cut some board pieces to close off the eves of the pump house and some holes in the back of the house in order to protect the pump from the weather…and also the critters. πŸ˜‰

After our last visit to the Little House, Bud had been talking about getting himself some snake boots. I had never heard of them. They apparently protect your legs from snakes, should they try to strike and bite you. He kept on talking about getting me a pair, and I didn’t give the idea any thought…didn’t want to waste the money…didn’t think I would need them. Then, I saw that my friend Lee Ann had gotten some to wear when she did yard work, and I thought they looked really cool. I thought that if she had some, then it would be okay for me to get some, too. When Bud ordered his, he insisted that I get some too, and I’m so glad he did!

We went all the way across town to Bass Pro Shop. They didn’t have Bud’s size in the kind he wanted. I tried some on there at the store. Amazingly, someone had left some in my size on the floor. How many women would be there looking at snake boots in my size? I took that as a sign that I was meant to have them. We ordered both of ours online in order to get a better price.

I LOVE MY SNAKE BOOTS! They are so comfortable and warm! They are also easy to get on and off. I did notice a little moisture on the toes of my socks after walking in wet grass. I’m reserving judgment at this point until it happens again. Maybe my toes were just sweaty; I’m not sure.

I got so many compliments on those boots! LOL…in Walmart, in Home Depot…there was even a cashier that looked to be a around late-teens and she said, “I love your boots! Those are cool!” It made my day. I had been feeling a little self-conscious. I had tucked my jeans into them, so the boots were proudly on display. I didn’t care. I just wanted to be warm, and they would not fit over some of my jeans. Bud’s lace up the front, mine zip on the side.

I asked Bud to take a picture of me in my boots. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just not a photogenic person, but I’m going to post it, anyway, so that you can see the boots, and also, for comic relief.

I have to preface by saying I have no idea what is going on with my hair. I kept it washed every other day, and I blow dried it every day, too. My current hairdresser and I do not have a ‘meeting of the minds’. She is hellbent on giving me Jaime Lee Curtis, or some other masculine hairdo. I think there must be some curse upon me. Honestly–I don’t ask her to cut it that way. After the last haircut, I have decided to divorce her, and wandering as I wander, seek out yet another hairdresser. She just doesn’t understand me, and we cannot get past this misunderstanding, for whatever reason.

Wait for it….

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

It really IS funny…



dec12013 068

Me(You are supposed to be looking at the boots…not those baggy jeans, the face with no make-up or the hair. Oh, the hair. If I’d only inherited my mother’s abilities.)

While we were out working in the yard, a Mennonite lady stopped by–the wife of the son of the Matron of the family. I had not yet met her, and I was so glad she stopped by. She was very nice. We found out that one of her sons fell off of a roof while working. He fell on his face and and broke his nose and his hip! I think she said he fell from 20 feet. Needless to say, she was very glad it was not more serious than it was, but we told her we would pray for him, and we have been. They are very nice people. She told me that she had been friends with the lady who lived in the house before us…had even mowed her yard for her. I hope that she and I can be friends, as well, when we move here.

The conversations we’ve had with the Mennonites have never lent an opening to talk about deeper things like religion, but after observing, and doing a little research on the Internet, I think they might be Beachy Amish. They seem to have all of the modern conveniences, and the only thing different I can see (except for their beliefs) is that the women wear head coverings and dresses, and the men wear beards. They work in regular jobs, and the women help out in the family business.

I took my crockpot with us this time, and also a roast. I cooked it for a long time and added a Fiesta Brand seasoning called ‘Carne Guisada’ and we ate that on tortillas for supper several nights, and that is what we had Friday evening.

We took our sponge bath and I washed the smoke out of our hair. We loaded up the car and then turned in. Since we had been going to bed so early (sometimes at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. since it was dark, cold, and there was nothing else to do), we woke up at 2:00 a.m. (as had naturally been happening all week). Instead of going back to sleep, we decided to go ahead and get up. We had the chickens and cat packed up and we were out of there by around 3:15 a.m.

Since we were pulling the trailer, it took us a bit longer to get home, but the trip was uneventful for the most part. We put Henrietta in a different cage than the trip up, and it was mostly quiet back there. They slept a good portion of the morning since it was dark. The new hens laid two eggs on the way back. Simba rode quietly in the pet carrier most of the way home.

In spite of the good time we had up there, taking a real shower felt so good that night after going a week without one. We ordered a pizza and went to bed early.
dec12013 138

6 thoughts on “Friday-Our Last Day

  1. Love your snake boots! You look like you belong there now. It will be heaven when it’s all done. You two are doing a great job. Remodelling takes a lot longer than you think it would, but one day it will be your dream home.


    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ They make me feel like a natural woman.

      I appreciate your encouragement. We are resigned to the fact that it won’t be ready by the time we move into it. I appreciate each milestone we make (like the toilet), so much, though.


  2. I love your snake boots! Much prettier than mine! Did yours say water resistant? or water proof? There is a difference between the two terms. There are not many boots out there that are water proof — most are water resistant. I, in spite of trying to avoid puddles of water, stepped into a puddle after a rain storm chasing after Chessie and was very surprised that I was dry as a bone because it sank up to my ankle. Water resistant just means it’ll resist water up to a certain point — it should slough off water but once there is a level of saturation, water will seep in; By the way, I do get sweaty feet in the summertime while out there working — nasty business I tell you. LOL. πŸ™‚

    Your property is gorgeous. Makes me feel peaceful. The sense of community that I desired is missing where I live. I hate to say this; but, I kind of envy you your friendly neighbors! πŸ™‚

    I agree with Grannie’s comment above. Remodeling does seem to take longer than planned. My garage conversion has hit a plateau. Hopefully, it will pick up soon. We are waiting for someone to come out and do a little work for us and cannot do much else with this particular effort until then.

    Don’t feel guilty about burning papers and magazines — that is still recycling and returning stuff to the earth. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Lee Ann. I just checked (I didn’t know) and it says they are waterproof. Thanks for explaining the difference. I guess it’s highly possible that it was just sweat. I hope so…because other than that, I’m thoroughly pleased with them, and have been very surprised at how comfortable and warm they have been. Wasn’t expecting that.

      I’m sorry to hear that you have hit a plateau in your conversion of the garage. I suspect ours will be as yours…that there will be some things we can do, but other things that will have to be done by someone who knows more than we do. That’s kind of where we are at with the plumbing. After that’s done right, we can proceed forward.


  3. You did a fantastic job on that pump house. I’m glad you didn’t find any snakes in there. I like your boots, I had no idea what snake boots looked like, though I did know they existed. You looked great! I didn’t know you were supposed to fix yourself up when you are out there in the country, lol.


    1. Most people up there don’t fix themselves up. I guess I’m just a little self-conscious since we are right on the road there. People do drop in sometimes, but no one cares whether you wear make up or not. πŸ™‚ LOVE my snake boots! One of the best investments we’ve made so far.


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