The Other Side of the Pond

 dec12013 096 The seller grew up in the house that we just bought. His parents built the house. It was originally a much smaller house without plumbing. Later, they added the back portion, along with septic and plumbing.

Prior to building it, they lived in the house across the pond, which (according to his three sisters) was already existing when they bought the place. One of the sisters told me that she remembers coming home from school one day, and her parents told her that they were going to move into the house across the way that day. She remembers helping to move, and carrying the kitchen table chairs across to the new house.

On Friday, (with the owner’s permission) we took some time out to visit the old homestead across the pond. I mentioned in the last post, that I had been fascinated with that old house and wanted to see it closer. It didn’t disappoint. It looked as if it had been converted to a barn after they moved out of it. It’s amazing to think that a family of 5 (at that time) had lived in such a small space. If my memory serves me correctly, the seller (who lives up the hill) had just been born, so that would make 6 people in that tiny place.

As I looked at it the house and took pictures, my mind went back to another place and time. It was also interesting to see the house we just bought from another perspective, and to finally see – up close and personal- the place I had only enjoyed from a distance.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

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dec12013 079

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6 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Pond

  1. So what are they doing with that property across the road? What a beautiful view from that old house. Can you take that chest and use it as some kind of table in your house since they aren’t using it? table, end table, decorative table in front of your picture window? Would they let you cut down the trees in front of the pond so you could have a better view of it? You can ice skate on it in the winter time if you shovel the snow off of it. Just think, it could be a neighborhood event, maybe the day after Thanksgiving where all the neighbors come together, shovel off the pond, and everyone skates. You can build a fire, cook hotdogs over the fire and have hot chocolate…there could be no end to the fun!


    1. The Seller’s wife told us that her Mother-In-Law use to have her garden in a pasture just beyond the pond in a lower section where the soil is moist and offered to let us have a garden there if we wanted to.

      When we asked if we could go over there on their property to look at that house across the pond, they seemed as if it was absurd that we should even have to ask. They are very sweet people.

      To my knowledge, they are not doing anything with the land over there (or the pond), and don’t have any livestock or anything.

      I love your ideas! The owner indicated that he had never remembered the pond freezing…seemed surprised when we told him it was frozen. Their weather is similar to ours here, in that it gets cold and stays for a few days or a week, and then they start getting warm air from the Gulf until the next front, however, they maintain colder temps all around than we do in our current area. It’s probably not enough to keep the pond frozen for any length of time, and I’m not sure if it would be thick enough to ice skate on. It sounds like fun, though!

      We could still have people over for hotdogs, though…or hot chocolate. That’s an awesome idea. I love it. 🙂

      As far as your idea for the trunk…they might give it to me if I asked…or sell it to me. I don’t know if it’s in good enough condition to be able to be moved without being destroyed, though. I’d have to check. It’s made of wood and is an old-timey trunk type affair.

      This is what I was hoping for when I started the blog…for people to give their input or ideas like that, so thank you for your ideas. Though I love re-purposing, I don’t think my mind is good at coming up with ideas. When we bought the house, the owner left behind a metal tub, but it had a fairly large hole in it, and one of the neighbors suggested I use it to put flowers in, and that’s what I did! I loved the idea…and I love your idea of using it for a table. It would fit right in with what I hope our decor will be.

      One of the first things I wanted to do was cut down those trees that block our view of the pond. (So our minds work alike). I even mentioned it to Bud to see if he thought the owners would go for it, but I just decided to put that one on the back shelf for a while. I might ask them later, if we can do it. Right now, we just have too many other things that desperately need to be done to even think about it.

      Thanks for your ideas and comments!


  2. It is hard to believe that a family of that size was able to live in this place. It is quite intriguing to say the least. My eyes fastened on the old trunk. Pretty well used, and has seen it’s wear and tear. Can’t you just imagine the stories behind this relic? A quieter and maybe more peaceful time. I am not sure we are better off today with all our gadgets and stuff that are supposed to make life less busy and less complicated. Maybe it is a tossup. I don’t know. Maybe over time you will be able to find out more stories behind the property you bought and some of the others in your neighborhood. Could be the makings of a book.


    1. That is exactly what was running through my mind with that old trunk. I love it!

      …I’m totally with you on the gadgets and stuff that are supposed to make our life easier. I have found that when we are up there at the house with little-to-nothing, I have just found something else to do the job, and it worked fine. I adapted fine. There is a certain freedom out there that I can’t quite put my finger on as to why. The societal pressure is not there, I guess.

      I have loved hearing stories of the history of the place and area. I need to be more fastidious about writing things down so that I can remember it.

      Who knows…maybe I WILL write a book someday. I think it would be fun. It’s fun to write about things that you know and love. 🙂


  3. I think you’re right about waiting to ask about cutting downt he trees in front of the pond, but sounds like they don’t even care about the property and how nice for them to offer you garden space! That is a beautiful piece of property with the pond, but I love yours too.


    1. Yeah…I really think that area across the pond is beautiful, too…but you should see their place at the top of the hill! You can see for miles. It’s so beautiful. The pond is just down the way, and I think they usually go out the other way to do their business. They both work full time. Yeah…I thought it was very nice of them to offer to let us garden over there.


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