About Those Nursing Home Hens…

I just had to share a link to her latest blog post. At the bottom of her post is a link to an article written about the Nursing Home Hens at SeniorLiving.Net. I absolutely LOVE this picture from her blog post:

Click Here to read her blog post. Nursing Home Hens

Golson recalls one incident in particular, which exemplifies the reaction of the nursing home residents’ to the hens. “I watched as one of the nursing home employees wheeled a resident past the coop. The resident has dementia and was angry and agitated. I could tell the caregiver had little patience left, although she was doing her best to be kind and gentle. As they came upon the chickens, the resident had a moment of respite. She calmed as she looked at the hens. Her caregiver was able to a take a deep breath and relax. It lasted all of 30 seconds, but it made a positive difference in their day.”


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