2 thoughts on “Christmas for a Sharecropper’s Daughter

  1. Kara,
    Thank you for posting the link to my mama’s reminiscences.
    I very much enjoyed looking through your site, seeing your great pictures, and reading your posts.
    You’re a gifted writer, and a I thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.
    My best to you and Bud this Christmas season!
    Psalm 63:3


    1. Thank you for sharing about your mother. It’s apparent she was a special lady. I was very blessed by it. I wish, sometimes, that I had been born in a much simpler time. Though I know times were hard, it seems to me that the lack of things, ‘entertainment’ and other distractions enabled them to appreciate the important things in life that seem to fly by unnoticed sometimes. At least, this I imagine to be true, because I find that when we are at our home in Arkansas, without the Internet, the hustle and bustle, and other trappings, life seems more peaceful and it’s easier to focus on what is really important in this life.

      Thanks, too, for stopping by and for your kind words. They are much appreciated.


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