Update on the Price of Wood Stoves at Lake Winnipesaukee

antiqueI just wanted to give a little update on the house. I have some good news to report. Bud heard from the Plumber yesterday, and our tub and water heater have been installed. Though we will have to wait until we put the tile in before we can use the shower, we will now be able to use the tub, and have hot water.

Installing the pressure tank and everything else they are going to do as far as drain pipes will be finished before we go back up there a week from today.

I am praising the Lord for it, because just about every neighbor we have spoken to in that area has mentioned that it is hard to get people out to actually do work, no matter how much they assure you that it will be done.

I credit the Lord for leading us to people who will treat us right, as we have been praying for favor with those we are meant to do business with (and praying for blessings upon the people who work for us, too). These plumbers seem like very nice, honest people.

Already (even in Houston) the weathermen have been talking about excessively cold temperatures for the week we will be up there. We are trying to plan for it, though it’s hard when we are so far away from the property. We are trying to line up a propane company to come out and deliver a propane tank (and propane) while we are there, but we are still looking to get a wood stove, too.

There is an existing wood stove chimney already in place. We have decided on a wood stove, too. Now it’s just a matter of seeing if we can either find one to pick up, or have it delivered and/or installed. There is apparently a trick to getting the right wood stove, and we need a small one since our house is small. This is the one we decided upon:

tribute_matteblack(Photo Courtesy of Hearthstone.com)

The stone on this stove is ‘soap stone’. It is supposed to give off a more ‘comfortable’ heat. It absorbs the heat really well, and can radiate that heat up to 12 hours after the wood burns out. Here is a link to more information on the benefits of wood stoves made with soap stone:

Soap Stone Wood Stoves

I think it’s very pretty. I have always like the ‘Franklin-type’ stoves with the glass front.

I am eagerly looking forward to being up there again, and the chickens are, too. I’m not so sure about Simba, but I can only imagine what it must be like to be an old cat forced to do new tricks (and go to new places).

July 20 2013 025

8 thoughts on “Update on the Price of Wood Stoves at Lake Winnipesaukee

  1. Beautiful wood stove! I remember when my in-laws used to heat their house with one. I guess it is supposed to heat better than any other way of heating a home.


  2. Thank you, Susan. I knew I had many more views than just my family and close friends that I know. Sometimes I wonder why I even do this blog. I appreciate your comment so much. You made my day!

    Do you have a blog, too?


  3. what wonderful news. Do you know that when I am cold in the house I go take a hot shower to warm up? Even a bath would work, altho’ it has been several years since I took a bath. Might have to try it one of these days. So glad you’ll have indoor plumbing when you go back next week. Yeaaaaa!!! Life will be so much more pleasant for you.


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