Home Sweet Home, Kind Of…

Christmas Holidays 493Though we made it home yesterday morning after a brutal, 11-hour, all-night drive, I had mixed feelings about ‘Home Sweet Home’. I’m a little confused about which one is actually ‘home’ at this point. Home is where you hang your hat, right? Well, Bud’s ‘Fear the Beard’ cap has been traveling with us, and has been hung in both places.

On the one hand, I very much hated to leave our place in Arkansas. Though the house up there is in disrepair, it’s dirty, and we lack some amenities (like a real refrigerator, a real stove, a real bed, etc.), I really haven’t minded it much. We have our indoor ‘loo’ now. What more could we ask for or need?

I love the place, the surroundings, the people-so much-that I could be happy and at peace on the off chance that TEOTWAWKI occurred (The-End-Of-The-World-As-We-Know-It), if we were never able to do another thing to improve the house, and I had to live with it that way for the rest of my life.

I have to admit, though, that a small part of me was looking forward to coming home to our nice, soft bed, rather than the air mattress. The air mattress is really not that bad. It’s just not our warm, pillow top we have here at our Texas home. There is something about that air mattress…though very comfortable, it’s COLD. The cold is coming from the bottom up. It’s like sleeping on an ice pack or something.

We put the air mattress in the bedroom this time, rather than the living room. We brought our rocking chairs to set up in the living room in front of the window. We figured that putting the air mattress in the bedroom was less space to heat at night, too.  It took some sweeping and clearing out of stuff before it was ready. We also had to make sure the wall and floor was clear of nails, which are EVERYWHERE due to the massive amounts of floor and wall coverings that we have pulled off.

Christmas Holidays 106Our home here in Texas is CLEAN, even with my haphazard, off-the-flylady-bandwagon state of things, lately. The dust and dirt up there at the Little House in Arkansas is so thick, that I wonder if we will ever get it all out. There are colonies of old mud dobber nests in the walls, attic and ceiling…years-worth of them! We still haven’t gotten all of the wallpaper and nails out of the walls yet. That was the bulk of my part of the project this time around. It is going to take a while to get it all off.

Being home here in Texas, it’s also nice to have a closet for hanging clothes and a chest of drawers, rather than the small kitchen cabinets we have been keeping our clothes in, and the nails Bud put in the wall to hang our coats when we are there at the house in Arkansas. We usually hang most of our clothes here at our home in Texas, rather than folding them, as we do there at the Little House.

Christmas Holidays 470Most of you know we have no Internet up there at the Little House, so I wasn’t able to make any posts from there. I did keep a very crude journal to remind me what happened each day. Some days were interesting, other days were just mundane, and more of the same, so I might combine or skip days when I blog about them…or…I might do ‘topics’, too, if the spirit moves me. Either way, I’ll try to cover the most important things.

One thing is for sure, Simba is glad to be at the comfortable and clean home he knows. He can crash on the carpet anywhere here, or a mattress pad in a pile waiting to be washed. 😉

The chickens, on the other hand, hated to come back. I think they are already bored with their small space here in their Texas backyard, but they are making a pretense of trying to find bugs out there.

Christmas Holidays 488

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home, Kind Of…

    1. No, I didn’t think to take it this time, but I did think about it after-the-fact and will take it next time.

      Great minds think alike, I guess. I’m hoping it will help a lot. Sweeping just doesn’t get it all!

      It’s really more like dirt. When I mopped, the water was like mud after only a few passes, and also sweeping before hand.


  1. Welcome back to your old home! Patience and you will be soon be permanently at your new home. Simba looks so happy and content. I have to say that I missed you; but, I totally understood with the internet thing.


    1. I missed you, too! Don’t know what’s going to happen with our Internet there in AR. Of the people we talked to, none are too pleased with what is available out there. I think it’s something akin to what you have, where you have a data plan that you can’t go over. I haven’t looked into it that much yet. I love my Internet, though…will hate it if I have to limit!


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