Fording the Creek

Christmas Holidays 051Saturday Afternoon and Evening, December 21, 2014

As we traveled down the gravel road, we came to a wet weather creek that was flowing over the road. Bud judged it to be safe, but we both made a mental note that this was a second warning that we needed to get our stuff in town done quickly and get back soon.

We traveled further, and soon came to a real creek that is much larger. It flows through culverts underneath a cemented road. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bridge. The creek was rushing, and it’s waters were lapping at the edge of the cement. Here is a picture I took of it this past summer when it looked much friendlier:

june 28 2013 011We went to Walmart and got our things quickly, then stopped at Daylight Donuts and had donuts and coffee on the way home.

(I ate a lot of donuts on this trip. In anticipation of my elimination diet, I threw caution into the wind! I wanted to indulge my donut cravings and get them out of my system before we got back home.Β  My favorite are the Plain Cake Donuts. Bud likes Bavarian Cream, which are sort of a pudding-filled donut.)

When weΒ  got to the creek with the cement crossing, it was flowing over it, and looked pretty swift. Bud had just about decided to turn back and take an alternative route, when a lady with a big truck approached us from behind and pulled up beside me on the passenger’s side. I rolled down my window. She told us that she thought it was okay to cross. She asked us if we were going to the cemetery, by chance. I think she was going to give us a ride across the creek. When we told her ‘no,’ she again reassured us that she thought it was okay to cross.

All of the warnings I had ever heard about low water crossings with water rushing over them played in my mind. It’s the same as the warning to never try to beat a train. You can never judge how quickly it’s traveling, and many a doubter has found out the hard way. Same with low water crossings.

We watched the lady cross the creek flowing over the road with ease in her big truck. We have a Chevy Malibu. Bud decided it would be okay to cross it. Before I could say another word, the car was driving through the muddy water. I could hear it surging against the side of the car. My heart was in my throat, and I prayed a quick prayer that the Lord would help us make it across. A rather large log floated by in front of us and I looked at Bud. His back was hunched with his body pressed toward the windshield for a better view; his white knuckles tightly gripped the steering wheel. The car sloshed through the running water toward the other side of the creek.

I breathed a sigh of relief when we made it safely across, and offered a silent prayer of thanks.

Christmas Holidays 037

When we got home, I found all of the hens in the hen house. Eula was in the nesting box laying an egg. There is a nicer nesting box to the left, but some of them still choose to use the cardboard box we put in there the first week they ever used the hen house.

(If any chicken people wander in here, this is only a temporary house until we can get something else built. It’s definitely not optimal. I’m already dreaming of the castle I want built for them when we have our own house ‘liveable’, and are up there full time to start on the hen house.)

When the hens saw that we were home, they all went out to play in the rain again. There are worms and things stirred up by the rain that don’t normally make an appearance in dry weather. The hens know it’s a good time to hunt.

Christmas Holidays 071Christmas Holidays 070

I took some pictures, straightened things up, and put out a new place mat, food and water bowl I got for my Timbalie Bodine (Simba).

The chickens’ adventure in the rain didn’t last long. They opted to stay inside for the rest of the day. It was getting colder, so I put some suet cakes in the hen house for them.

The Propane people never showed up. For supper, I cooked some ground beef, potatoes and onions in my new pan, and seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic powder to make Hamburger Hash. I heated water in a pan on the camp stove to wash the dishes.

We were exhausted due to not sleeping well the night before, and we were still recuperating from the long drive up there, too. We were in bed by 6:00 p.m.

Christmas Holidays 063

5 thoughts on “Fording the Creek

  1. I enjoyed reading this, it’s like getting to peak into your private diary. πŸ™‚ I like the name “Daylight Donuts”, we have Dunkin Donuts here and Ethan’s favorite are the Boston Cream, do you have those?
    How exciting that you had to cross the stream like that. I would have been afraid and praying, too.
    I’m enjoying the opportunity to sit and “visit” here with you this morning! My kids all had two hour delay this morning b/c of some new snow and icy roads.


    1. I’m not sure if you are asking if we have Dunkin Donuts here, or if we have Boston Cream donuts. We have a Dunkin Donuts at our Texas home. Daylight Donuts is the ONLY Donut shop there in Harrison, and other than that, you have to go to Walmart to get your donuts (got plenty of donuts there, too, when Daylight was closed and I needed a ‘fix’.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘Boston Cream’ listed, but I’m drooling imagining what it must taste like. I’m envisioning something like a custard filling. Mmmmm.

      I’m so glad you stopped by! Your comments are always a delight for me to read. You come to my mind often, and when that happens, I always say a prayer for you and your family…I figure you are on my mind for a reason. I hope things are going well for you.


  2. I was always a plain cake donut lover, lol. I can “feel” your excitement and tension! Your blog is so special. Keep it coming!


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