5 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – January 9, 2014

    1. I wish we had the room to replenish our flock every year or two…hopefully we will when we build our new hen house.

      We got the three new pullets recently from someone who was giving them away, and if it wasn’t for those, we wouldn’t be getting very many eggs at all! If my memory is correct, I think my hens are 3 or 4 years old now, and well past their egg-laying prime. I can’t bear to cull, as I’ve allowed them to become my friends. 😦 I know that’s not a very ‘farm girl’ attitude to take.


  1. I’m liking both. I really seem to gravitate towards the first picture and I think it’s because it tells a story. And, believe it or not, the thirds rule really works! Buffy is on one side and the garden bed (at least, I think it is a garden bed) is on the other side giving me the impression she is hunting and foraging for grubs and eats.

    Speaking of chickens, the Clothesman who lives beside our homestead is allowing his chickens to free graze from time to time. I watch them and they seem so joyous and free whenever they roam. My Abby is curious; but, not curious enough to want to go check them out as they are much bigger than her! LOL. 🙂


    1. Wow. You are going to be keeping me on my toes!

      Sometimes I think about the ‘rule of thirds’ when it pops out of the vast recesses of my mind on a whim. I really need to buckle down and work on that more…and I really, REALLY need to go pick up a copy of ‘Photography for Dummies.’ This is what I meant when I said my photography was really ‘haphazard’. You are right, though, when you follow the rule, the photos do look much better, and I appreciate you pointing it out. I’m going to work harder on that since you pointed it out.

      (I cropped poor Henrietta to death trying to get a more zoomed in photo to show the details on her feathers.)

      That’s cool that your get to watch your neighbor’s chickens! They are such a joy to watch. Simba is TERRIFIED of my chickens. I don’t know if all cats are that way, or not.


  2. God gave us animals for alot more reasons than to be eaten. It is really great that chickens can be used for therapy. Wow! that really excites me. I can:t wait for the time to come when they never again will be killed for food.


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