Comments on your comments

I have an obsessive need to comment on your comments. Most of the time I think it sounds like my comments to your comments are too contrived…like I’m trying too hard.

When I first started reading blogs, and got up the nerve to make a comment, I would go back to the blog to see if the blogger had commented on my comment. That was before I had my own blog, though. Now, I never go back to see if someone has replied to my comment.

The reason you all are commenting is because of what I’ve already written, right? So I guess nothing else is required of me. Few other bloggers I know reply to every comment, so is what I do ‘overkill’?

I so appreciate your comments! I will keep writing even if I get no comments (because I know I have readers who don’t comment, and if I’m honest, I read a LOT of blogs that I don’t comment on, either.)

I appreciate all of you, my readers, very much.

I just need you all to know that from now on, I won’t be commenting on your comments, unless you ask me a specific question.

It’s nothing personal. I just want to stop trying too hard. Maybe I’ll add that to my New Year’s goals or something…to stop trying so hard…but then that would mean I’m trying hard not to try too hard. :-/

Please feel free to weigh in and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Comments on your comments

    1. I love comments (!) and I always read them! It’s always a joy to read what others think about my blog posts, in fact, it’s sometimes hard to write without any feedback. As one of my friends says, it makes blogging more fun if you have interaction on your posts.


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