Rise of the Behemoth

December 22, 2014 – Afternoon

IMG_0711The propane people arrived at around 2:00 p.m., and worked for about 2 hours. The plumber had put in the gauge for it, and it didn’t work. We later found out from the plumber that he had just put an old one on there. The propane people had to replace it with a new one. We were to find that there was a lot the plumber did that wasn’t quite right.

When the propane people left, I stood there and stared through the kitchen window at the tank. I was upset! Neither Bud, nor I were expecting it to be so freakishly LARGE! We also didn’t expect that it would be placed parallel to the house, but there are regulations that say that the tank can’t be perpendicular to the house because it’s designed to explode on the ends, outward (should something that unfortunate happen.)

The chickens were shocked, too, and used some very colorful names to describe it. Bud was shocked at what came out of their beaks. I, however, was inclined to agree with them!

Call me petty…go ahead…I dare ya! …but would you want to stare at this monstrosity out of your kitchen window for the rest of your life?Christmas Holidays 400This window will be my kitchen window. It’s kind of strange, but the kitchen window is really low (as is that kitchen counter), and I have to bend down to look through it. It will eventually be replaced with a MUCH LARGER window so that I can look at the beautiful view while I do my dishes. (*crickets chirping*) The place where a woman does her dishes is SACRED. (*crickets chirping*) We ‘women folk’ spend a lot of time there at that sink, and we do a lot of our best thinking and praying while we stand there staring out the window while washing dishes!  Yeah, there is a tree there, which will stay, but I could look off to the side at our stream and the woods if that excessively large, poorly placed, behemoth tank was not there!

Christmas Holidays 078It took me a long time to calm down after the Propane people left. I told Bud that I would be willing to pay on the bill for the rest of our lives if we could have the tank moved. I was heartsick at the thought that I would have to stare at that tank for the rest of my life, rather than the view I had anticipated looking at while I washed my dishes…and I do a lot of dishes! I don’t want an electric dishwasher.

IMG_0711To add insult to injury, the window on the far left will be double in size (and lower), and that is where we are going to put our breakfast table. So again, that’s more of my life that I would spend looking at that gargantuan (albino) godzilla, instead of the beautiful view that should be there instead. Don’t kid yourself…if you are sitting at a breakfast table, and that window is replaced with one that is at eye level, the ONLY thing you’re going to be seeing is that tank!

“Bud, would you like some more godzill….er…um…I mean would you like some more coffee with your breakfast?”


“Oh, Bud! Look at that cardinal over there!”

“Sorry, Honey I can’t see ANYTHING for that freakishly large, behemoth propane tank!”


Bud wasn’t happy with it either. He was just trying not to get upset, so that it wouldn’t make ME more upset. He agreed that it needed to be moved. Later, he called the Propane people to arrange for it to be moved.

The good part of the whole thing was that we got our propane heater, and it made such a big difference! We slept warmly that night!

Christmas Holidays 302We still had no hot water. The propane guy didn’t know why. I don’t understand it, but part of a plumber’s job is things having to do with the gas. Don’t ask me to explain it, because I don’t know. There were also other things that needed finishing by the plumber (which were supposed to have already been finished), and the plumber had asked us to call him after the propane tank had been installed.

Bud drove up to the top of the hill to call the Propane people to arrange for them to come move the tank, and he also called the plumber to come finish the job.

The sun had dipped below the hills, and all that was left was the ambient light from it. The bluish hue was starting to cast it’s shadow over the hollow.  I heard the car coming before I saw it. I was surprised when the car pulled up to the front of the house. It was the elderly lady who is the Matriarch of the Amish family who lives in our neighborhood. (Again, I’m not SURE, but my research tells me they are probably Beachy Amish-Mennonites.)

Several of her family members have acreage in the area, as well as an Amish church. It was good to see her. She was dressed in an ankle-length dress that had a large collar, an ankle length black wool coat, sensible black shoes and a white head covering that hid her silver hair.

She mentioned that she was coming home from singing Christmas Carols at the Nursing Home. She noticed that we were back and decided to stop. She said it was good to know that we were down here…it was nice to have someone close. (‘Close’ is probably a quarter of a mile.) Her family had gone skiing in in another state, and she had chosen to stay. Her daughter was driving to be with her at Christmas. She said that somehow it was comforting to know someone was close, and also, to be able to see the lights of the houses ‘close by’.

I asked her several times if she wanted to come inside. Another cold front was blowing through. I felt bad for this tiny, thin woman, because she would lift her coat up to her ear from time to time to protect it from the harsh wind. She refused to come inside. She said that she needed to be going because she liked to be  inside her house before it was dark, and I didn’t blame her.  I gave her some lemons from our tree here in Texas that we had brought with us, and she seemed pleased.

She left soon after that, telling me to call her if I needed anything, and I told her to do the same. The wind whistled through the trees and I hurried back inside.

I made hotdogs for supper, and for the first time this winter at the house, we ate in a warm kitchen! It was so nice to have the propane heat.

Though we still used the space heaters in the bedroom, the propane heater made a huge dent in the cold. We will eventually have a wood stove in the living room that will help keep us warm on the coldest of nights.

7 thoughts on “Rise of the Behemoth

  1. Wow! Just Wow! I’m speechless. 😮 I would feel exactly the same way you do about the thing. SMH I’m glad y’all are going to get it moved even though it means more costs. But, it is WORTH it IMHO.


  2. Yep, I see what you mean. It needs to be either hidden behind some bushes, plants, or something more pleasing to the eye, or moved over to the side someplace. We enjoy sitting at our kitchen table and watching the birds and squirrels and I wouldn:t enjoy looking at our tank. It is still very visible, but over more to the side. I did try planting some gingers but as the tree behind it grew, the shade has killed out all the grass in that area and the gingers had to be moved and I dug up the 3 easter lilies that tried to grow there. Now, it a spot encircled by rocks that use to edge the flower bed. Kinda unattractive, but doing something about it is way down on my todo list, maybe even in outer space. So much work to be done around here that I don:t know where to start. But know you were so happy to have the gas so you could have warmth and hot water. That is a PTL for sure.


    1. We thought we could build a fence around it, but that thing is so LARGE, that we would be staring at an eye-level fence, it’s so large. 😦 It was just so close to the house! The story does have a happy ending, and I’ll eventually get to it.


      1. Lol! It’s good you’re laughing about this. I’m laughing with you. Wish I could help you. The only thing I would suggest is to paint it to blend in better


  3. What are people thinking of when they place things like propane tanks?! I remember being so happy to have a “garden tub” in our house in League City. We went by one day and they had placed the A/C unit outside the tub window! It was an eye sore as well as noisy. They said it couldn’t be moved. I was beside myself with fury and disbelief! I glad your tank can be moved.


    1. Oh my goodness! I would have been just as upset as you over the A/C! It was like something huge lifted off my shoulders once that tank was moved, and though I hated spending any more than we had to in order to accomplish it (and the feeling of being ‘taken’), I’m very glad we had it moved. Now that it’s at the back of the house, I hardly even think about it or notice it.


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