The Caller, the Plumber, the Heat and the…..Not Sleet, but SNOW!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Holidays 149Neither Bud nor I slept well the night before. We tossed and turned, and finally, I got up and started the coffee pot. It was 2:00 a.m. No sooner had I started the coffee pot, than Bud appeared in the Living Room, too.

We had gotten into a morning routine of taking one of the space heaters from the bedroom, plugging it in the living room, and having our coffee. We wrapped up in our throws while rocking and drinking coffee. Though it was much warmer with the propane heater, and really took the edge off, we still needed the space heaters on the coldest of nights. We will eventually have a wood stove to help out.

After we shared a full pot of coffee, we went back to bed at around 4:00 am. and then got back up at 7:00 a.m. and had another pot of coffee! There is nothing like hot coffee to warm a body up!

Simba’s routine was getting up with us so that he could get his daily rubdown. Then, he camped out in front of the heater for most of the day. During the day, I kept one of the space heaters pointed toward his bed. Old bones feel the cold more than young ones do, and he has seemed to have a bit of a problem with his back legs and hips as he’s gotten older. I wanted to make sure he stayed warm.

Christmas Holidays 120When it was light enough, I got dressed in several layers of clothes, put on my snake boots and headed out to feed the chickens. When it was really cold outside, I had been waiting until the sun was well up to let them out. I hoped that the temperatures would warm up once the sun was nearly above the hill. The chickens were very happy to see me on this morning and nearly bulldozed each other trying to get out of the hen house first.

When I came back in, I started breakfast. Soon, the savory scent of bacon filled the kitchen. I have no toaster there at the little house, but I thought to make pan toast. Bud said that he had it often when he was a child, and though I’d had plenty of broiled toast in my life, I couldn’t remember ever having pan toast for breakfast in my adult life. I guess you could say that ‘Texas Toast’ is pan toast, but that is usually served with Chicken Fried Steak, and I had never personally made any.

Christmas Holidays 210I took a stick of butter and rubbed it on the hot pan. Quickly, before the butter could start burning, I put down a slice of bread and rubbed it in the butter. Then, I peeked under a corner of the toast to make sure the whole side was coated with butter. If it needed more, I repeated the process. Mmmmm…

The plumber came early, and left early. The bill was much more than the quote he’d given us, and we were upset. It appeared he had done good work, but we had not been there when he did the majority of the work, and couldn’t prove or disprove how many hours he had worked or what ‘parts’ he put in. The ‘parts’ (which were not itemized) were just as much as the labor, which shouldn’t have been the case since we had already purchased and delivered the water heater, tub, toilet and pressure tank.

We felt taken advantage of. As we discussed it, we found we were in agreement that there is nothing that hurts or angers us so much as being treated unfairly or having our good nature taken advantage of. We had trusted the plumber to treat us right. We prayed together, asking the Lord to bless this man, bless his business, and to help us deal with the feelings we had about him and the situation. We put the situation in the Lord’s hands. I would have to deal with these ugly feelings all day and part of the next, but I kept on choosing to forgive the plumber, and giving those ugly feelings to the Lord. Thankfully, it eventually lifted.

I heard the car coming down the gravel road before I saw it. As I looked out the window, I was surprised (as I always am) that it pulled into our drive. When the driver got out, I was pleasantly surprised to see The Seller’s Wife (who I will call P). Her and her husband have already become dear friends to us. I met her on the porch, gave her a big hug, and urged her inside. She seemed to be in a hurry, and said she couldn’t stay long; she was going to visit the Matriarch of Amish Family at the top of the other hill. She had just stopped by to bring us some homemade soup! As I took the jar from her hands, it was hot to the touch. She said that she thought it would be good since it was so cold outside, and so close to lunchtime.

We gave her a quick tour to show her the progress on the house. She has seen our work on the house in all stages as we have pulled stuff up, out and off, as has R, so she could appreciate the progress that had been made, and seemed very happy for us. It was good to see her and I was really glad she had stopped by.

We followed her outside, and were surprised to see a new truck! Her car had gotten stuck in the last snow they had and her husband had decided she needed to have 4-Wheel Drive. They had gotten her a truck. She opened the door and struggled to get inside, explaining that she would be getting some running boards for it soon. We admired the inside as the new car smell filled the air around us. She was beaming with pride. It was a really nice truck!

Shortly after she left, we ate our soup, which was delicious! It was still hot. Bud needed to get some backer board to put around the bathtub in preparation for doing the tile work, so we piled into the car and headed toward Harrison. We also stopped by Walmart for a few things (no sense in wasting a perfectly good trip into town.) I saw a Cherry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake that was calling my name, and I answered the call.

Christmas Holidays 138The sun was starting to set as we pulled into the drive. Once we got our supplies taken inside of the house and put away, I started preparing to make supper, while Bud busied himself with things outside. As I started to cook, Bud bustled through the door, his hoodie up over his head and looking very cold, and announced that it was snowing! I dropped what I was doing and went outside to look at it. Sure enough, fairly big flakes of snow were falling from the sky and scattering themselves on the ground.

I fixed Grilled Chicken Salads for supper. Afterward, Bud took the first bath, while I cleaned up the kitchen and washed dishes for the first time at that house with HOT WATER coming from the tap! I thanked the Lord many times after that for hot water to wash the dishes in. I hope I never get so use to it that I forget to be grateful.

I took my bath after Bud, and it was HEAVEN! Being able to immerse in hot water made all the difference in our comfort level there at the little house.

We went out to take pictures of the snow; then I made Decaf Texas Pecan Coffee and we ate our Cherry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake as we sat in our rockers and watched the snow from the window.


5 thoughts on “The Caller, the Plumber, the Heat and the…..Not Sleet, but SNOW!

  1. You know–this story made me feel like I was right there. Great memories you will have for the future. Be sure to make prints of the pictures and put them in an album with your notes. We get ours out from time to time to remember some of the happenings during our Colorado venture. What fun! Thanks


  2. I love watching the snow fall too! If people don’t like the snow, it is because they have to remove it with shovels and snowblowers. You have the best of both worlds since it doesn’t snow there enough to have to dispose of it


    1. I’ve got another snow post coming up. I’ve wondered what people who have snow (and lots of it) all the time think about it, so thanks for your comment. If the weather pattern continues (R mentioned that this was an especially cold winter for them) it really does seem like I will have the best of both worlds, and a little bit of everything, which I’m grateful for.


  3. You write so beautifully that I can smell the coffee and bacon! I’m glad Simba is able to keep warm. The cold is hard on old joints…


    1. Thank you, Lockie. I’ve been working on it. Yeah…Simba…poor boy. He does really well for his age, but sometimes he really eases up or down and takes forever in order to baby his hips, poor guy.


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