Please Pardon Me While I Color My Black and White Thinking


I have actually been working for years on coloring my black and white thinking. You know…that ‘thing’ that is the evil roommate of perfectionism and all-or-nothing. I guess I’m only working with two map pencils or something.

Shortly after I posted this, I knew it was wrong to do so, but my shame and embarrassment prevented me from doing anything about it so soon after the dirty deed had been done. I regretted it the moment I hit the ‘publish’ button.

If you will allow me to explain a bit further…I feel COMPELLED to respond to every comment that someone posts. I don’t want anyone to feel slighted, and I want them to know I appreciate each and every comment. I want to acknowledge that someone took the time to make a comment.

The problem came in when I started to wonder if anyone ever came back to read them, or if they thought my comments to their comments were dumb or contrived or like I’m trying to hard….or like that annoying cheerleader girl in High School…or like a know-it-all…or like someone who always has to have the last word. I always fear that someone will get upset or mad if I don’t answer their comment. I’m always the last one to do so. Otherwise, the email, the comments, the forum post…it never, ever ends!  Believe it or not, I’m much better than I use to be about it.

If you will allow me to redact my previous post, I’d like to…um…change my mind.

I just want to be free…

to be me…

You see…

I ain’t heavy…

I’m yo Bruthah. (um… I mean Sistah)

Some comments really need discussion, or clarification. For other comments, it just seems like it doesn’t require anything. I really have no idea whether you come back to read my comments or not. Do you? or Don’t you? Do you even care if I comment about your comments? Or do you wish I’d just shut up about the whole thing and go back underneath my rock?

(*Tap*Tap*Tap* Is this thing on?)

I would really like to know what you all think about comments and commenting, and maybe even about commentators…or common taters…or potaters…or even ‘maters (which are in the nightshade family, and which I cannot eat right now on my elimination diet).

{Please pardon me while I work through my issues here in a public forum in front of God and everybody…and please pray for me…because I obviously need it.}

6 thoughts on “Please Pardon Me While I Color My Black and White Thinking

  1. Yes, I enjoy reading everything your write. Like I said before, you seem to have a gift for writing interesting articles and I would like for you to continue. The pictures just add to it, so keep on keeping on.


  2. I love how you write! Made me smile on a few occasions.

    The only comments I feel compelled to respond to on my blog are the Macro Monday pictures. That is because some are strangers who come a calling via link parities. I want to acknowledge that I have read their comments whether or not they do come back. It is just a courtesy thing I do. As for all others, I respond if I feel there is a need to do so. You do what you feel led to do. I honestly think that not all of them need a reply (jncluding my own). But, that is just me.


    1. Thanks, Lee Ann. Sometimes I worry that people take my sense of humor the wrong way.

      I guess I agree with you…I want to acknowledge comments because I appreciate them so much, but at the same time, some just do not seem to need a comment back.

      Then I start wondering if anyone comes back to read my comments to their comments, or if they expect me to comment back.

      I guess I’m sort of messed up. Lol.

      Thanks for weighing in. I appreciate it.


  3. You are among friends here, people who love you. Just remember that. You don’t have to comment on my comments, but if there are any, I like to read them. Sometimes I don’t have a comment, just want to enjoy what you’ve written.


    1. I guess that’s how I feel about it when i read other people’s blogs, too. It’s nice to have the feedback on what everyone thinks, and thanks for letting me know you come back to read any comments make to your comment.


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