Christmas Day

December 25, 2013

Christmas Holidays 212We had settled into a morning routine that was beginning to feel like a favorite pair of comfortable, loose fitting, well-worn jeans. Our house was beginning to feel like a home. In spite of it’s flaws, it felt like ‘ours’. The more time we spent up there, the harder it was to come back to ‘city life’ each time we had to leave.

It was brightly sunny and much warmer on this day. For breakfast, I fixed eggs, sausage and pan toast. When we had finished eating, and I had the kitchen cleaned up, I wanted to take some photos for an email/text I wanted to send out.

You might be thinking, “Hey, where is the Christmas Tree? The Presents? The Christmas Music? It’s Christmas Day!”

We don’t celebrate Christmas like most people do. It’s a difficult subject to broach, because sometimes people take it the wrong way and think that our personal decision is an attack on them, or that we are looking down on other people because they choose to celebrate Christmas. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t shun Christmas Parties if we are invited. We are delighted when we receive a Christmas Card in the mail. We even listen to Christmas Music sometimes.

I won’t go into any technical reasons, because I’m not trying to convince anyone else. All I can say, is that I’ve never felt more free or peaceful, or full of love for my Savior on Christmas Day since we let go of all of the ‘extras’.

As we were sitting in our rockers that morning, Bud read to me something one of his Facebook friends posted. I loved it so much that I wanted to send it out to my friends and family from us to let them know we were thinking of them on the day that most people around the world celebrate. I think it expresses our hearts.

Here is the message (from one of Bud’s Facebook friends) which I put in my email/text that I sent out:

God placed His gift on a tree, not under it.

He came as a man to take my place,

a sinless Savior made sacrifice for a selfish soul like me.

What can I give Him, poor as I am?

If I were a Shepherd, I’d give Him a lamb.

If I were a Wiseman, I’d do my part.

But what can I give Him? I give Him my heart.

May the Love and Peace of Jesus fill your heart today.

As I said, I wanted to send a picture out with my message, so Bud and I had a photo session with his I-phone. Bud, ever the funny guy, had me in stitches by the end.








I had a lot of trouble getting the picture I wanted to send with my message from his phone to my phone. He has more trouble with his wireless internet than I do out there with my old dinosaur 3G I-Phone. I ended up putting the picture onto my laptop, and then transferring it to my phone.

I drove up the hill to send my messages out, and when I finally succeeded, back down the hill I came.

P and A (The Sellers) dropped by on their way out to his sister’s house, and we talked for a while outside. I can’t tell you how much these impromptu visits by the neighbors have meant to me. I treasure the friendships we are building there.

Since the property officially became ours, we have been so busy working that we have never been able to justify taking the time to walk our property, so we decided to take some time to do just that.

It’s about 30 acres; most of it is on two hills, with a couple of acres in pasture. The road that runs in front of our house use to wind through the hills behind it until the owner petitioned to have the road go in front of his house where it is now. We wanted to see if we could find it.

We put on our snake boots and spent about an hour walking and trying to figure out where the property lines were, and to find that old road.  We are always talking about where we would like to put a guest cabin (when we get ready to do it) and found several places we thought might be good. It was an interesting walk. We did find the road. We were surprised to find several places on our property that had a beautiful view, at least in the winter time when the trees are thinned out. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera with me this time.

When we came back, Bud continued to put the backer board around the tub.


IMG_0764I moved everything out of our bedroom.  I wanted to rip down the acoustic tile they had put up on the ceiling. What a mess! Years of dirt, dust, bug parts, pieces of mud dobber nests, etc., came falling down on me. When I cleaned out my nose with a tissue, there were two black spots on the tissue from all of the dirt and dust in my nostrils. Both of our sinuses and lungs were clogged up on the days I ripped stuff off the wall or ceiling.


IMG_0761Thankfully, Bud started the fire and burned the stuff for me this time. Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming. I swept and mopped the floor. The mop water looked like mud after only a few swipes of the mop!

Our friend, R, stopped by and brought us some eggs. Her son has around 70 hens, and they sell the eggs. Our hens’ egg production had been low, due to the age of our hens, molting, and less daylight hours, which all affect their egg production. We were grateful to get the eggs R brought for us, but more grateful that she had stopped by.

I love my neighbors! Me! The hermit, the loner, the introvert has LOVED the social interaction and friendships I’ve made out there. When we bought the place ‘way out there’, the last thing I expected in moving out there was that I would make so many friends.

I made a pot of coffee and R, Bud and I had a very nice visit. She wanted to try a different rocking chair this time. (Don’t tell Bud, but she told me she liked my rocking chair better than his.)

After she left, we had leftover Carne Guisada wrapped in tortillas for supper. We were both sore, but happy and content when we went to sleep.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. Good pics. And you are very tactful about the way you explained not celebrating Christmas. I just try to ignore it, but our kids, especially Gena, like the holiday. Traditions are difficult to ignore.


  2. Lady! You should be wearing a dust mask! I turn into a “lady bug” whenever I know I will be dealing with dust and stuff like you did. But, I have to say that it makes my heart sing to hear of the progress being made to your little piece of heaven on earth. 🙂


  3. You and Bud look so happy on those pictures! What a great Christmas day. Please wear a dust mask of some sort of protection for your eyes. You don’t know what you might be breathing in 😦


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