She Knows!

I just had a ‘Light Bulb’ moment, and I feel like Helen Keller right now!

I have been so frustrated with this area of my photography! I have had some sort of mental block with understanding the basics of photography and getting my camera off of automatic mode.

I just read an article that just happened to sink in for no reason in particular.

I learned about ‘ISO’ and I ‘get it’ now. I learned how to change the settings and when to do it. This should help with every picture I take.

1-17d 016



1-17d 002

1-17d 012


I just had to shout it from the roof top!!! If I was in the Alps, I’d be twirling around in my dirndl on the mountain top singing,

The Hills Are Alive….

with the sound of muuuuussiiiiiiiic…

With songs they have suuuunnng,

for a thousand yeeeeeeaaarrrrs!

After tomorrow (since I already have the POTD I took today scheduled to be posted tomorrow), my POTD should be much more pleasant to look at (hopefully). I have to test it out in lower daytime light to make sure I got it.

So long, Farewell

Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!

The sun

has gone

to bed and so must I!

5 thoughts on “She Knows!

    1. I have been so frustrated with my inability to grasp certain concepts. I known we have commiserated about this in the past, so I know you understand. I have enjoyed watching your progress in your photography skills! It’s inspiring.


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