Jack Frost Came Nipping at Our Noses

December 26, 2013

Christmas Holidays 217Though there was no particular reason why, I woke up feeling low. Yes, I had tossed and turned a lot the night before. Yes, I had gotten up to go to the restroom 3,435,640 times. Yes, my body, and my arms in particular were sore from reaching over my head for half the day ripping off ceiling tile. There really wasn’t any reason for me to feel low.

I didn’t know what Bud’s plans for the day were, so I felt like I was in limbo. I didn’t want start a big, dirty job if he wanted to go to town. Nothing worse than going to town with bug parts and mud dobber nests in your hair.

When I went out to take care of the chickens, the landscape was covered in frost! I decided to bundle up and go outside take some pictures.

I don’t remember how cold it was. Next time I’m going to make note of the temperatures in my journal. It was extremely frigid, and it hurt to keep my hands exposed for very long. As the sun slowly rose over the hill, the landscape started to glisten with millions of tiny diamonds. It was absolutely gorgeous. I failed to capture the beauty with my camera.Christmas Holidays 243

Christmas Holidays 275

Christmas Holidays 220

Christmas Holidays 284The higher the sun rose, the more the landscape sparkled, giving praise to God for the sun. The little stream gave off a mist as it gratefully soaked up the heat.

Christmas Holidays 252The sky was a sea of azure.

Christmas Holidays 247The chickens seemed grateful for the sun, too. They contentedly scratched in the frosty leaves looking for juicy bugs that sought warmth and protection in the decay.

Christmas Holidays 227

Christmas Holidays 236

Christmas Holidays 239Feeling much better after spending some time outside in the invigoratingly frigid air, I went inside, cleared out the bedroom, and started pulling nails off of walls. There are SO many nails and tacks in those boards. It’s overwhelming.  I’d say we have pulled about 4-5 different wallpapers off the walls, (plus paneling) and they were all nailed or tacked down. When the wallpaper and paneling was ripped off, the nails and tacks did not come with it.

Bud decided he needed to go to town for some things, and we decided to do laundry since we were both running out of clean clothes. Thankfully, the Laundry went surprisingly quickly. It’s not one of my favorite tasks.


After the laundry was done, we ate at Brick Oven Pizza. By the time we finished eating it was 2:30. We went to Walmart. I needed some supplies, which included donuts. Bud exchanged a propane tank for our cooking stove. We also went to Home Depot for Bud’s things.

By the time we got home, we had about 30 minutes of daylight left. I put the chickens to bed, put away the clothes and groceries, swept up my mess in the bedroom and remade the beds with clean, new sheets we got at Walmart. I had been using my old camping sheets and the elastic had stretched out so much in the corners, that it almost wasn’t elastic anymore. It was driving me nuts trying to keep it on the mattress all the time, and waking up with half of the bottom sheet off…so I splurged on some new sheets. They will also fit our real bed at home.

We were exhausted that night and went to bed early.

6 thoughts on “Jack Frost Came Nipping at Our Noses

  1. You sure caught the feel of a crisp icy morning in these pics. We saw some of those when in Colorado. We lived in a 27 ft. travel trailer and were warm and snug when it got sooo cold. I don:t remember the temps, either, but it was doggone cold. I don:t think I would care to live in that climate at our ages. Use to wish to live up north where there were actual seasons and the changing of the colors. Now I wouldn:t trade any of that for being able to grow flowers in the winter and a few veggies like we can here. Maybe it is my age, but I prefer the warmer climate.

    I have some lettuce and spinace in a couple of earth boxes at the end of our deck and they are alive and looking pretty good. I did cover them when we had those days in the 20s and 30s. As far as I can tell, they seem to have survived. I have not walked out to the garden boxes out by the fence, but I hope the kale and red cabbage is doing OK. I really want the Kale to survive. It is one of the most healthy veggies you can eat, or so I:ve read. I like to put it in our nutribullet drinks.

    Guess I:ll move back to my chair for now.


    1. I know you’ve always been an avid gardener, so I can understand your love for the warmer climate. I’ve heard the same thing about Kale. Lately, I’ve been making Kale Chips, and that is about the easiest way to get a lot of it down. Glad to hear your garden is doing so well! It inspires me and makes me want to get to mine. It will have to wait for the first year, though, and no sense in really starting one here, I guess, since we will be moving at the end of Spring.


  2. brrrr.

    By the way, when I am feeling good (health wise), going outside in the mornings exploring our 1+ acre property almost always lifts my spirits. The bluebonnet plants have sprouted and I am anxiously awaiting the blooms. It will be a couple months yet though.


    1. Ohhhhh…that will be so nice to have them on your land. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your pictures. Love bluebonnets, and I’ll miss them when we move.


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