Trip to the Ozark Cafe/Timbalie Bodine the Jungle Cat

Friday, December 27, 2013

IMG_0769When our propane tank was installed, it only had a small bit of propane in it. The idea was that they didn’t want to travel and set up the propane tank with it full of volatile gas. They were supposed to come back to fill it up, but we were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to move it if it was full. The appointment for them to move it was not until January 2nd. We had been trying to conserve the propane for that reason, and it had been cold a lot inside the house during the day. We tried to spare the propane for heat at night and hot water for baths and washing dishes.

Bud needed some supplies from Jasper, and offered to take me to the Ozark Cafe for lunch. We had heard it was one of the best places to eat in that town, so I was looking forward to it. The drive to Jasper is scenic the entire way, and the town, itself, is surrounded by hills.

The Ozark Cafe was born in 1909. A new owner took over in 2000 and has hired a carpenter to reconstruct the cafe as it was in the 30’s. The cafe is in a strip building that contains other businesses, with big plate glass windows on the front.

As we walked in the door, there was an old-fashioned soda fountain lining the right wall. The floor was black and white checked tile. There were french doors to the left leading to a  much bigger room with a stage. They have live music on certain nights there. At first we sat down in front of the stage, but there was cold air coming from the stage, so when someone up front left, we moved to the front where the sun was streaming into the windows and onto the table. Much better!

IMG_0771In the room where we ate, the wood plank floors immediately caught my eye. I loved them. The menu was printed like an old-timey newspaper. There were pictures of stars who had visited the Cafe in times past, and other old relics and memorabilia from the Jasper area decorating the walls. The table tops were covered black and white photos of people who have lived in the area throughout the years.

Characters from the old Dogpatch cartoon had been painted on the wall in front of us. Just a short distance from Jasper is the place where the well-known Dogpatch Amusement park used to be. It is long gone, but the old hillbilly-esque buildings of the amusement park still litter the land in various stages of decay. The land is actually up for sale if you want to buy it. 😉

IMG_0770We both ordered burgers, and mine was the best burger I’d had in a while. It was made of real ground beef and was about an inch thick. It was served with curly fries on the side.

IMG_0773After we finished eating, we went to the Antique Store that was just down the way from the Cafe. I think it actually had the word ‘Junk’ in the name, so it was a little bit of everything, old and new. Bud and I both love to browse antique stores. I saw quite a few things that I wanted.  I wanted the handmade soaps, of course. There was a hand crafted soap dish, with a hole in the bottom. (Hand made soap needs to drain. It turns to mush, if you let it sit in a regular dish.) I also saw some cute little wind chimes, or door ornaments that were made of little metal birdhouses. There were so many little things that I thought might be cute in our Ozarks house, but I left without anything. I tend to be an impulsive buyer, so I wanted to hold off to make sure I really wanted those things before I bought them.

IMG_0774We drove around the town square, and bought the things that Bud needed and headed home. It was a beautiful, sunny day, though a  bit cold. I decided that Timbalie Bodine (Simba) needed some vitamin D and fresh air, so I put him outside, keeping a careful eye on him. His hearing is not what it use to be.

IMG_0787He is deathly afraid of the chickens…won’t even go near them. He tries to run in the opposite direction whenever they are around. When I saw that today was no exception, I put him up on a rock on the hill, and I sat out there soaking up some vitamin D while Simba explored. He seemed to enjoy it. He climbed rocks, clawed on dead logs, and sniffed lots of stuff, then he was ready to come inside. I think it wore him out. He wasn’t out longer than 20 minutes or so. He use to be exclusively an outside cat, so I’m sure he was reliving old memories.

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We were surprised when the propane people drove up after dark to fill up the tank. The guy assured Bud that they could move it with it full, so he filled it to the brim, so to speak.

That night, we went to bed, all snuggly and warm, and Simba dreamed of being a Jungle Cat.

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10 thoughts on “Trip to the Ozark Cafe/Timbalie Bodine the Jungle Cat

  1. Kara, I continue to enjoys your reflections on your most recent time in Arkansas. Lee and I lived in Mountain Home for 6 years in the 90’s. you photographs are so pretty. Karen Beer

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you, Karen. I appreciate your comment and it makes me happy to know that you enjoy reading my blog. Mountain Home is just a hop, skip and a jump from us, in fact, we had to go there to Lowe’s one day looking for something we needed.It was about an hour’s drive or so. I’ll bet you miss Mountain Home! 🙂


  2. Good story. If we get a cat. it will be an older cat-the ones who don t get adopted, usually. I would be willing to take in a stray if one came around. It looks like Simba enjoyed his outing. Sure makes me miss our old cats.


    1. Whatever cat you get will have hit the jackpot in the home and love you will provide.

      I still miss some of my old cats that have passed on, too. (…and also some of my chickens, too.)


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