All in a Day’s Work

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Holidays 219Bud and I found that working on one thing for a long time was monotonous, and that when something got frustrating or so mindlessly boring (as pulling nails out of a wall can be), it helped to go to a different project. I haven’t mentioned every little detail of the work we did while we were up there, because it would be boring. We did fit in little projects here and there (or continued working on old ones), even on the days we went to town.

Bud has a really cute idea for the bathroom, and I don’t really want to divulge the details until it’s finished. We had seen some tile at Lowe’s here in our hometown in Texas. The problem is that the closest large city to us, Harrison, has a Home Depot, rather than Lowe’s.  Bud wanted to travel to Mountain Home, AR to the Lowe’s there to see if they had the same kind of tile.

The drive to Mountain Home took about an hour and a half, but it was a scenic one. The larger hills and woods gave way to more pasture land and gently rolling hills as we got closer to Mountain Home.

Though the Lowe’s in Mountain Home didn’t have the tile we wanted, we are ever on the lookout for other things we will need, or ideas of what we can do with our house, when we visit home improvement stores. There was a Home Depot right across the way, which had things the Home Depot in Harrison did not. We got a very cute faucet for our future bathroom sink. We also got some insulation for the ceiling in the bathroom.

We were starving by the time we headed home. We had stopped at a Barbeque place called ‘Razorback Ribs’ in Yellville with our Real Estate agent when we were looking for our property, and Bud wanted to eat there again. It’s just a ‘hole in the wall’ place decorated in ‘Razorback Red’, but the prices are very reasonable and the food is excellent. On this day, we shared the place with a bunch of bikers who really seem to like this area of the Ozarks. We see them a lot, and also, places which cater to the bikers. I don’t know why they would have to be ‘catered to’, because they were a very gentle and polite crowd. Most of them looked to be ‘seniors’.

(Photo courtesy of the Urban Spoon (

We stopped at Walmart on the way home for gas and donuts. By this time, my addiction was raging and out of control. We were having donuts practically every morning with our first cups of coffee (pre-breakfast). We were averaging about 2 pots of coffee a day. I was throwing caution into the wind and indulging my cravings in anticipation of my elimination diet. On a side note, I’m proudly wheat and coffee free (plus a whole lot of other things) since January 6, 2014!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday was a workday. We ate donuts, then had a ‘real’ cooked breakfast, got dressed and started working on the house early.

I finished scraping wallpaper off the bedroom wall, and started on the Pantry room. Bud worked on getting the insulation into the bathroom ceiling. We worked hard all day and were more than ready for bed as the day wore on.

I made ‘Buddy’s Favorite Dinner’ for supper, affectionately shortened to ‘Favorite Dinner’. It use to be Bud’s favorite thing to eat when he was growing up, thus the name. It’s hot, filling, good ol’ comfort food. That’s what it is! It IS what it IS.

You brown some ground meat, with onions. Drain the grease. Add a can of tomato sauce and two cans of water. Throw in about a half cup of rice (give or take) and seasonings, (Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, and I like to put Italian Seasonings in it.). Cover and stir occasionally. Mmmm, Mmmm, GOOD!

I haven’t known where to put this picture in, so I’m putting it in now. This is my current kitchen. It’s the ‘new’ kitchen they put in with the addition they built on to the original house. When we build our kitchen, it will be in the area where the original kitchen was. I would like to note here, that I can’t see out of that window, which is probably good, since there is a Behemoth propane tank just outside it.

Christmas Holidays 096This is taken looking from the future utility room. Where the kitchen currently is, is where the kitchen/dining table will be. That high window will be replaced with a larger, lower window showing a view which can be enjoyed from the table.

After supper, I swept up the trash from working on the bedroom, and then mopped all of the leftover dust up. I have to move everything out of the room I am working on, so that it doesn’t get covered in dirt and trash. I needed to move the air mattress back in the bedroom, and make it up again. I have to reiterate that there are nails all in those walls sticking out, and some still in the floor (which we keep finding). As I was moving the air mattress (still blown up) to the bedroom, I suddenly heard a hissing noise. The air mattress had caught on a nail and had given it a very fast leak. It wouldn’t hold it’s air longer than 15 minutes. Bud patched it, but it needed to sit for 24 hours before filling it with air to use it.

Bud decided we needed a new one, so we bundled up on this very, very, extremely cold night and trucked ’em to the Walmarts to get a new air mattress. (It takes about 40 minutes to get there, and 40 minutes to get back.) Every time we have to drive at night, I can’t help but think what it would be like to have car trouble and get stuck out in those woods in the pitch dark.

When we got back home, we took baths, made up the bed, and fell almost immediately asleep.

Christmas Holidays 268

6 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work

  1. Fun reading and the picture gave me more of an idea of the inside of your house. I know you hated to come back except to sleep in your good bed and have laundry facilities. I really missed that when we were living up in Colo. in the travel trailer. Home is always nice to be back to.


  2. So much work, I get tired just thinking about it. The most boring job I have ever undertaken is stripping wallpaper! It takes forever. I have had to stop and cry many a time. Over the years they came out with different gadgets that were supposed to make it easy. It was still hard work. You are a trooper!


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