7 thoughts on “Picture(s) of the Day – January 24, 2013

  1. We had ice hanging on the bird feeders. I did put our lemon and lime trees in the garage as they are in big pots. I lost a Meyer lemon a few years that I had planted in the ground, so have been hesitant to take these out of the pots. We got lots of key limes this last year and a few lemons. The lemon tree was in it:s first year, so is small. I was thrilled with the fruit, though. And disappointed in the limes as they were so small and full of seeds. I have since found that I wanted Persian limes instead of these and bought the wrong variety. I may go ahead and buy one of the Persian types while they are available. Their fruit are nice and big. I think in the near future we will be very happy to have our home grown anything.


    1. The first year we had our Meyer Lemon tree, we only got a few lemons, but the second year, it was packed! We got a lot this year, too. We went ahead and picked the rest of them on Thursday in anticipation of the freeze.

      I don’t know much about limes, but key limes are the ones that make the really good pie.

      I think you are right about being glad for anything home grown. I already am, and looking forward to planting a lot of fruit trees at the new place.


    1. We didn’t see any actually falling here. We got mostly rain that then froze as the temperatures dropped. Some areas got so much freezing rain you could see it on the ground, and some even got some snow. We’re pretty far South. Big Doin’s here in Texas. 🙂 They say there is a chance we will get hit again on Tuesday.


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