4 thoughts on “Picture(s) of the Day – January 27, 2014

  1. Mabel looks pretty good as far as I can tell and she is eating. PTL

    Is that one of the lap boards we all made years ago standing up in the background? I still have mine and use it from time to time. I can:t even remember when we made those.

    It is raining lightly here. It is 31 degrees on our deck but I don:t see any ice on top of my car. Offices dont open up here until 8+00. So, not sure about Mark:s plans for the day. I will just wait and see.

    Stay warm.


    1. She has lost a lot of feathers. I deleted one picture where she was looking really bedraggled. Her face is really thin, too. She’s eating better than she was. She is still on antibiotics, and her lungs/voice sound horrible. 😦 But, YES, she is doing so much better, PTL.

      They have changed the forecast for us so much, that I don’t think we are even going to get below freezing! It’s not even going to be as bad as it was last Friday here. I think North and East, they are getting it worse than us. If you have to get out, please be safe!


  2. Starting sleeting few min. ago and really coming down now. Porch looks white. A good day to stay in and get a fire going in the fireplace. have not turned on tv weather as Tom still asleep. I hope Bud did not have to go in to school. Saw last nite on news that a bunch of districts were not having classes today but did not see the whole list. He probably could use a rest day.


    1. Thankfully, they sent out a notice yesterday that classes are cancelled for today. Bud was glad to have the day off to rest. As it turns out, we only have rain. It just barely reached 32, and when I went outside, the rain had frozen on the car, but I think what is coming down is just rain.

      I forgot to answer your other question. Yes, that is one of the lapboards that you made. I still use it, too. 🙂 Did you paint the things on the corner of it?

      Hope you CAN build a fire today. Ours is gas longs, so I imagine we’ll turn ours on if we spend time in the living room.


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