5 thoughts on “Picture(s) of the Day – January 29, 2014

    1. Thank you, Rose. I used my telephoto lens. I had forgotten that I had it, or forgot to use it, rather. It came with the camera, and I only used it a little when I first got the camera. I’m excited to think that I will have it when we got back up to AR because there were some cardinals that really stuck out against the bleak browns of winter, and I wanted to take a picture. Anytime I got close enough, they flew off last time.


  1. Beautiful! They look like doves, but I’ve never see any that colorful. I’ve figured out where the apostrophe is on my keyboard, finally, but don’t always remember to click on it.


    1. It wasn’t bothering me, but I’m glad you found it. Frustrating when they go and change something on you like that.

      Some of these are Mourning Doves (They make sounds like the mourning. You would recognize it if you heard their call.) I believe the doves on the roof of the hen house are called ‘Ring Necked Doves’.


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