Our Progress

I have a few pictures of our progress on the house that I wanted to share. I know I spent a lot of time talking about everything else we did there, but we spent a lot of time working, too.

Often, as I mentioned, we had several projects going, and would move from one thing to the other when our arms go tired, our brains got tired, we ran into a snag or needed some supplies to continue on.

My job mostly consisted of pulling nails out of the wall and pulling off wallpaper. Since we have decided to keep the walls as they are (crooked and all), it was pertinent that the walls be clean of everything. Eventually, I got some parts of the wall nail and wallpaper free, and was able to use the belt sander to get the rest off. It turned out pretty good, I think. Those marks on the wall are not from the belt sander, they are the original saw marks from the milling.

Christmas Holidays 465

Christmas Holidays 466

The rest of my job was cooking, cleaning up, burning trash, burning leaves (hehe), taking care of the chickens, etc. I also helped Bud if he needed an extra pair of hands.

Bud did a LOT. He had to put insulation in the ceiling of the bathroom, install a vent in the bathroom, put up backer board where the tile will go, and build walls for the bathroom. He also did work outside, cutting limbs down that were scraping the roof, cutting other trees down for firewood next year (because it has to cure before you use it). He also worked on taking the wall out between the bedroom and the middle room, as well as taking down the shelving. It had to be done carefully, because he is re-using the wood that he takes off.

Here is a picture of the bedroom with the wall taken out:

Christmas Holidays 467

Part of the opened up bedroom will be a large closet.

Christmas Holidays 468

Christmas Holidays 469

Bud did a lot of work on the bathroom, and it’s really shaping up!

Christmas Holidays 471

Christmas Holidays 473

He is using reclaimed wood (which is oak) for the walls that will not have tile on them.

Christmas Holidays 472

Christmas Holidays 474

As you can see, we still have a considerable way to go before it is liveable, but it feels like we are making some progress! If I had to move in today – just like it is, I could do it. The tub, hot water and toilet have made all the difference in the world.

Our next trip up there will be over Bud’s Spring Break.

6 thoughts on “Our Progress

    1. Thank you. We are very excited, too. I think I need to go back and look at pictures from the beginning to see how far we’ve really come in such a short time!


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