11 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – February 3, 2014

    1. It looks like we made our comments at the same time. I had this scheduled to post, and intended to put the recipe in the comments when it finally posted. I made them for Bud this morning, and he liked them, too.

      At the link, she has a video at the bottom of the recipe telling all about plantains. It’s very helpful.


    1. My Walmart has them, so you might check there if HEB doesn’t have them. I would think they would be more popular in your area than mine. Make sure you get the green ones for the pancakes. If you want to fry them, I’d suggest the ones that have turned black with slight yellow on them.

      Through my low carb days, I tried a lot of ‘bread/baked substitutes’ and they were all horrible. This one had a great texture and nice flavor, too…as I said, it was kind ‘whole-wheat-y’.


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