Update on the Price of Wasabi at Lake Winnipesaukee

POTD 1-9 027

I wanted to let you all know that I am taking a blogging break. I have a lot on my mind, lately. My heart just isn’t in to blogging right now.

I have officially killed the ‘Picture of the Day’. There are several reasons why. I’m surprised I did it as long as I did, to be honest. It’s sort of my M.O. I start out with enthusiasm, and when the excitement wanes, I have trouble keeping up with it. I guess I set the bar too high.

POTD - 1-23 015

My biggest stumbling block was finding subject material that is interesting to take a picture of. If I could take pictures of chickens every day, I’d do just fine. I also don’t like the way the pictures are cluttering up my blog so that the real posts are buried in pictures. I’m thinking at some point in the future, I might do a ‘week in pictures’ or something. Some of my friends set aside one day a week just for a picture, and that’s a possibility, too.

POTD 1-12 049

Bud has decided he is ready to contact the Real Estate Agent to set things in motion so that we can get it on the market. We had someone out to give us an estimate on some work that needs to be done, and we need to make sure we are not spending more than we will get back out of it. Therefore, we are contacting the Real Estate Agent to find out what she thinks is most important to be done. I still need to declutter the place, not only so that we will be ready to move into our much smaller place, but also, so that it will look attractive to a buyer. The house also needs to be deep cleaned, which I have let go because of health issues.

POTD 1-19 018

I have had some sick chickens, which are not healing and bouncing back as fast as in times past. This wears on me greatly. I don’t cull when they get sick. I go to heroic measures to take care of them when they get sick, which includes giving them injections if they need it, or feeding them with a dropper. These are my pets and friends. They are my responsibility to mother, doctor and keep healthy. Failure is devastating for me.

POTD 1-16 008

I’m still having health issues, and I’m still following The Autoimmune Protocol. The rash on my foot has cleared up, but I’m still getting rashes in other places that flare up. Sometimes my foot still flares up with itching. It just doesn’t have the rash as it did. Though I’ve done the diet pretty strictly, even cutting out coffee, I’ve used some things I shouldn’t have (like black pepper, cinnamon, mustard). I also recently added back eggs, and haven’t noticed any problems with that.

I’m still having bad headaches off and on that have not gone away. Today, I’ve noticed that my glands feel swollen, so something is still setting this stuff off. Too boot, I start itching when I take my Vitamin D, Niacin and C . I really notice depression and fatigue setting in when I don’t take them…especially Vitamin D.

POTD 1-17 010

The good thing is that I have made some improvements toward adding nutrients to my diet. I’m getting more and varied veggies than I was before. I’m drinking bone broth on a daily basis. I’ve added fermented foods into my diet, so those are all positive things.

I’m not complaining, just explaining. My heart is not into blogging right now. I haven’t decided if I’m going to take a complete internet break yet. The Internet is addictive and steals my time. Sometimes I do better if it’s packed away and out of site.

So…if you don’t see me around here for a while, that is why. We’ll be going up to our place in March. Bud is taking an extra week off. I will for sure be blogging when we come back.

I love you all.


6 thoughts on “Update on the Price of Wasabi at Lake Winnipesaukee

  1. I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well. Maybe you caught what the chickens have? 😉 Those meals looked great! Gives me some ideas for us. We are trying to do gluten free, and sometimes we miss our other way of eating, but can’t go there now knowing the truth about the bad foods. Was the last picture apple crisp?


    1. Gluten Free is ROUGH at first. I applaud you for that. I think it has gotten easier the longer I go avoiding it.

      Thanks for the compliment on the meals. You have to get creative when there are so many things you’ve had to cut out. It has been interesting eating different veggies, and I’m finding my favorite way to eat most of them is roasted. The asparagus was roasted.

      The last picture is what I’ve been having for breakfast a lot (since I was avoiding eggs, and might go back to avoiding them). It’s called AutoImmune Protocol Breakfast Porridge. I often make it without the coconut milk, and it’s just as good. Bud even likes it.



  2. I understand perfectly. I spend too much time at this machine and everything that needs to be done does not get done. I started cleaning out one of my bookshelves that is full of Christian books that I have had for a zillion years. I am thinking of donating to the church. the dust was an inch thick on those 3 shelves. Disgusting. We had an ac man come work on our unit a year or so ago and I asked why we had dust everywhere and he said the house is built very tight but needed more intake vents. I guess the house doesn’t breathe like it should or something like that. Nothing we can do about it, tho’.

    I thought I would be full of energy this afternoon and continue with my cleaning, but was sooo sleepy driving back from Humble with the sun so bright that I brought home tacos for lunch and then took to my bed for a nap. Could have slept longer but the phone rang and it was a friend in Austin. So, end of nap until I go to bed tonight. In the meantime, I lost my interest in the books and sorting through them. Maybe can get back to it tomorrow afternoon. Oh well …..

    I printed off the article about testing for food sensitivities. That sounds very useful and I will try it. Sugar and sweets are what I crave. I stopped by Shipleys this morning and had two hot glazed donuts that literally melted in my mouth. I take my hot tea in a mug that plugs in to the lighter in the car and it stays pretty hot for the first hour of my drive. So a hot donut and a hot cup of tea can’t be beat. I think I should do the test, tho’. That much sugar can’t be good.

    Your photos of meals looked delish. Is the green leaf in the picture kale? I got the biggest bunch of kale at the 99 cents only store a week ago and it is soo good and was so fresh like it had just been cut from the garden. I have some of those green bags that let you keep produce a bit longer and it is still good after this long time. My friend in San Antonio bought some of the green boxes made by the same company and she has organized her fridge and said they really keep things fresh so much longer. She likes them better than the bags. And they can be washed in the dish washer, microwaved, etc. She even puts her buns and bread in them on the counter and they keep longer. She watches Home Shopping Club and buys when they have good specials. I have not seen the boxes, but asked her to send me some info on them. I’ll send it to you when I get it.

    So sorry that you are not feeling as good as you’d like. It really hampers you from doing what you need and or want to do. And Mabel and Bea are not over their sickness? You had not mentioned them in several days, so I assumed they were well. Maybe it is this climate that does not agree with you or them. Moving may be the best thing for you to do for all of you. Have you thought of renting one of those metal storage things that they put on a truck and haul to your new place? A friend bought one and she said it is wonderful for a storage unit. I am finding it so hard to just get rid of things we have had for over 50 years and some is our parent’s stuff we inherited. Some has lots of sentimental value but probably very little $$ value. If we did not live so far from town, could have a sale and maybe would feel better about getting rid of items thinking someone else would enjoy them as much as we have. That may be a pipe dream, but just donating to Good Will leaves me cold. Giving them to a friend would seem better, but everyone I know needs to clean out like we do. Do you have that feeling, too?

    I will miss your blog, but certainly understand. I enjoyed the pics of your hens and the ones of your place in Ark. So will look forward to a note from you from time to time. Keep me informed about how you all are doing. And take care of yourself.

    Love you


    1. The green is Kale. I was making Kale Chips. I think they are highly over-rated, myself. I don’t like them when they get even the slightest brown on them. I’ve found a good way to make them, though. I use this recipe:


      I also add about a teaspoon of vinegar when I’m mixing everything together. If they are not crispy after 30 minutes, I turn the oven back on, watching them the whole time. I take them out as they get done. They are usually all krispy before the oven gets back up to temperature.

      One of my favorite ways to fix Kale right now is this recipe:


      It says it’s for collards, but that you can use Kale, too. Before I saute, I usually saute some onions, then saute the Kale like it says to do, or I toss some minced garlic (the kind in the jar) in while I saute the Kale…plus salt.

      Bud seems to prefer Kale as a salad. This is the recipe I use, with variations, depending on what I have here. I’ve used frozen (thawed) peaches in place of the mango before. The massaging really does take out a lot of the bitterness.


      I sent you an email for the rest of your comment. I hope you have a great weekend.

      Love you, too!


  3. Sweet Kara, hope you get to feeling like yourself again soon. No worries, take your time, rest, heal. Hope your chickens also bounce back, it wouldn’t be for any lack of care! Hugs.


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