Home Again, Home Again, Rig-a-Jig-Jig

IMG_0845We’ve been at our Ozark Place for the past two weeks. I am left with plenty of pictures, a few tales to share and many warm memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I confess. I hated to come back. It’s getting harder and harder to leave it each time we go. Bud expressed the same sentiment. He, too, is ready to start the next chapter in our lives.

As I blog about it, I probably won’t go day by day like last time, but will keep it to topics. I’m not sure enough unique things happened in each day to have it’s own blog post.

I think I’ll do something artsy-fartsy and start with the present and flashback to our time there. 😉


The trip home was an absolute nightmare! The night before, we had packed up what we could. We set the alarm for 2:00 a.m. We packed the ice chest, dismantled the air mattress and sheets, and packed up last minute things.

I had to wet down my hair and blow dry because short, gray hair looks really crazy after sleeping on it. I’m trying to grow it out again, so it’s already awkward. I also put on some make-up because without it, I look like a little old lady. While I know this is up for argument, I really don’t consider myself to be a little old lady-just yet.

Back to the story…I took the chickens off the roost one by one. They were alarmed at first, but I talked sweetly to them and told them that it was just ‘Mama’ and that they were okay. They don’t see well at night, so they don’t know what is happening to them. I put them in their cages, one by one, and we had hit the road by 3:00 a.m.

spring break2 669We left without coffee in anticipation of the first McDonald’s we could find. McDonald’s is the only coffee-on-the-road that is worth drinking, in my humble opinion. We were armed with a few leftover eclairs and donuts for energy until the Arches in the Sky appeared on the horizon.

All went well until the sun started to come up and the chickens woke up. This was not a good trip for the chickens.

My Corla-Bird has been sick. She has seemed to have a very shallow lung capacity and trouble breathing.  She hasn’t responded to antibiotics, as the chickens normally do when they get lung ailments. I’ll go into that more later. She was stressed in the cage I had her in. The trip is stressful for them anyway– but being sick on top of it is not good.

Bud and I usually drive about 2-3 hours and then switch. When I wasn’t driving, I had Corla-Bird in my lap so that she could be near the A/C vent with fresh, moving air. The air in the back seat is okay (in spite of all of the poop vapors) but I just felt like she needed more circulation since she was having problems.

IMG_0902She seemed to enjoy riding in my lap. Corla-Bird has always been one of my sweetest birds. She is a Dominique, is very docile, and has always been the ‘head hen’. She has ruled the roost gently these years I’ve had her. I will hate to lose her, but I’m preparing myself. I fear it’s a disease, and not some passing sickness.

She hasn’t been eating well, and at one point, I gave her some lettuce and she ate a LOT! That was good to see. When I had to drive, I put her in the other cage with the more docile birds…okay…well…the cage that does not include HENRIETTA!

Oct252103 070

Henrietta, as usual, was being a total and complete PILL! She is a nervous bird by nature. She is the one who looks like a crow. I swear…there were some crows hanging out at our property this time, and several times I had to do a double-take thinking it was Henrietta. She sounds like a crow, too. The last four hours or so, Henrietta was caw-ing at the top of her lungs! She was also pecking at her cage-mates. The last hour, Mabel caught the fever and started pecking on HER cage-mates with them crying out in pain every now and then.

Honestly, I know this is not an ideal situation, and there will be chicken ladies who scream that I am a horrible mother–but all is not always pie in the sky with chickens eating pumpkins in a perfect hen house with curtains on the nesting boxes ALL the time! There are less-than-ideal situations that we must face in life and go into HEAD ON and do what we can. You make chicken-lemonade out of all of the lemons and chicken poop that life throws you.

Simba was in THE ZONE this trip! He howled a little in the beginning, but once the chicken-ruckus started, he was OUT back there, or at least he was pretending really well (or playing possum). The trips seem to be getting easier for him, in fact, I think he has come to terms with his cat-carrier! We have been very surprised to find him sleeping in it since we’ve been back home!

IMG_0904Bud was not so much in ‘the zone’. He was ready to throttle Henrietta and make Blackbird Pie. It was only his love for me that kept him from murdering her.

We got home around 1:30 p.m. We were both exhausted. When we came inside, we were hit by paint fumes. The house was in disarray with things on the floor, things off the wall, equipment everywhere, and furniture moved. We’d had some workmen doing some work in preparation for putting our house on the market. They weren’t expecting us home until Sunday.

We’ve had a shower-pan problem in the master bath almost since we moved in. It was so embarrassing that I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture, but it was BAD. We have lived with it (and all that it did to the sheet rock surrounding the shower) all this time. We haven’t had the money to take care of it until recently.

They put in a new tub and re-tiled, and it’s SO beautiful. I hate that we’ve had to use such an ugly shower all this time and we are getting a new one right before we leave.

IMG_0905IMG_0907The good news, is that the workman (who is a friend of Bud’s) told him he might already have the house sold! There are two people interested in buying a rental house. If that works out, we would be able to close early, but hopefully, still rent the house till we leave.

Needless to say, the possibility of our house selling quickly has lit the fire under us to start getting rid of ‘stuff’, and we’ve already had one person come and pick up some stuff on Sunday. Even if the two prospects don’t pan out, we hear that the market is very good in our area and that often, the houses sell within two or three days.

Praise the Lord for always working things out! I’m working hard on trying to trust Him more, and have felt very bogged down with ‘life’ and ‘cares of the world’ lately. I’m hoping to get back on track soon.

More to follow! The next post will start at the beginning.


Everything is still in disarray, and I have mounds of vacation laundry to do.

10 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again, Rig-a-Jig-Jig

  1. Enjoyed this very much. I could have told you about Simba and traveling. We have traveled for years with cats. They just have to get used to it and they are fine. Having a crate helps alot and they do feel secure. Hope Corla is improving. sometimes you have to give it to the Almighty when you don’t know what else to do.

    Your writing is so interesting and funny in places. I really enjoy reading the goings ons that happen for you and Bud. And like the pics with the messages. Hard to imagine riding with a chicken in your lap for miles. Especially with the rest of them carrying on. Must be lots of fun???

    Rest up as you can. The bathroom is really pretty, just like some of the pics in magazines.

    I have alot to do tonight before I go to bed. Had to leave for the eye dr. as soon as I got home from driving this morning and it was 5 when we finally got home. Tomorrow we don’t have to go anyplace, hopefully, after I get home from the route.

    Take care. Love you


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Aunt Suzanne. You are right about giving Corla to the Lord. That’s all I can do at this point. She seemed to be a bit more lively today, PTL.

      I appreciate you and love you very much!


  2. Glad you made it safely home with your sanity intact (and all your animals alive, lol) The shower looks great. I can’t tell you how many times we didn’t get something repaired until we moved 😦 It really makes you wonder why we don’t treat ourselves better than we will treat others…


    1. Thanks, Lockie. It seems that’s the way it always goes with us, too. I guess since we are starting from the ground up (practically) with this one, things will be different.


  3. It’s hard for me to believe, but I think I have read all the blog post and I’m now caught up to the present. I had no idea I would feel disappointed that I was at the end.


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