The Old Hen House

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The old hen house is across the stream from the Spring. I think the old owners chose an ideal place for it. It is out of the way, close to a clean water source for the chickens and it’s also on high ground.

When we first bought the place, we had hoped to be able to repair it and use it immediately. When we started working on it, we quickly found that we needed to go to plan B. It was more dilapidated and rotten than we had anticipated. It would take almost completely rebuilding the whole thing to make it secure enough to keep the hens warm, dry and safe from predators.

Our thinking right now, is that when we get ready to build the new hen house, we (or at least ‘I’) would like to have it where this old one is.

Right in front of it is some unusually soft dirt! I thought about all of the happy chickens from days gone by spending their time dusting out there, and my chickens have already ventured over there and found it. They have dusted there numerous times. There is something very gratifying about watching chickens take a dust bath. They seem to enjoy it so much!

spring break2 050

spring break2 069


spring break2 074


spring break2 117

spring break2 127

spring break2 052

On one of our first trips to the new place, Simba wandered over there and took a dust bath, too.


When we were there last time, I took some pictures of the inside. I thought it was interesting.

The Hen House Door:

Spring Break - 1 322

The Roosts:


Spring Break - 1 325

(They had apparently tacked cardboard over some of the spaces and holes in the boards to keep the draft out!)

The Nesting Boxes:

Spring Break - 1 326

The Roof:

Spring Break - 1 327

This door leads to a storage area, (probably for feed and supplies). It also gives access to the roosting area.

Spring Break - 1 328

Storage Area:

Spring Break - 1 329

The Storage area room looking at the opening to the roosting/nesting area:

Spring Break - 1 330

spring break2 083

I have loved seeing this hen house where it is. I think it looks quaint, and it’s part of the history of the place. While I hate for it to go, we have been using some of the good wood off of it on other things in the house (which I will get to later). ‘Barn Wood’ or ‘Reclaimed Wood’ is pretty hot right now, not to mention frugal. I love the rustic look of the wood. We have even thought of using some of the wood from the old hen house as a facade on the new hen house to make it look rustic.

It has been hard to watch pieces of the old hen house come down, board by board. I take solace that at least the old hen house will ‘live on’ in some way by our reusing the wood from it to rebuild or ‘beautify’ other things.




8 thoughts on “The Old Hen House

  1. Yep, using the good parts of that old wood is really very “in” according to the HGTV and DIY tv programs. Tom enjoys most of those where they are remodeling or building structures. If we were younger, we would probably use some of the ideas he has seen. Keeping your place looking rustic is a great idea. Thanks for these updates and pictures.


  2. Your chickens look really healthy and the colors of them are beautiful in the photographs. I have two pictures in my home that have frames made of old wood. I love the look and my home is filled with things brought in from the outside. God has made nature to be so beautiful.


    1. Thank you for the compliment about my chickens. I remember your bird’s nests, and always thought that was a neat idea. I couldn’t agree more with your comment about nature. Being surrounded by those things is so peaceful to me.


  3. I love that old hen house! Reclaiming wood is a good thing. And you’re right, it a in thing to do. Most of the time, they only use it for decorative or facade/cladding/etc. uses rather than structural. I just watched an episode of Building Wild where they reclaimed wood from an old barn and used it as siding for an cabin. It was too cool!


    1. I would have liked to have seen that one. It sounds like what we want to do with the new hen house. It’s those types of shows that I miss about not having TV.


  4. I love the pictures of your girls! I can see why you wanted to keep the old hen house. It has so much character. Re-using the wood would be the next best thing.


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