Spring was Springing

Spring Break - 1 164

Winter’s treasures littered the land, and trees held on to their jewels. Though it was obvious that Winter was clinging fast to it’s last days, there were also many signs that Spring was bursting through, come hell or high water (as we would later find out).

Spring Break - 1 196

Spring Break - 1 206

On Monday, it was one of those beautiful, perfect Spring days. The temperature was just cool enough to be comfortable with the sun beaming down. It was a blustery day, and the sky was the bluest blue you can imagine. I just don’t ever see the sky that blue where we live in Texas.

It was so hard to get started on work. Bud was working hard on getting the tile ready to be put up. I was making a pretense of working on sanding the walls in the living room with a belt sander to get the wallpaper off. We opened the windows, but I couldn’t help but capitulate to the call of the outdoors.

Spring Break - 1 282

Bud and I spent a lot of time just sitting in the lawn chairs those first few days soaking up the healing rays of the sun. Like the balm of Gilead, it nourished the body and soul. The birds serenaded us; the bees buzzed their counter melodies in perfect harmony. The butterflies danced, fluttering their corp of color to top off this Spring delight. (I sound like a National Geographic Special.) :-/

Spring Break - 1 189

We watched the pond scum dance from one side of the pond to the other, depending on which way the wind directed it to go.

spring break2 100

There was a lot of water cress growing in the stream. Bud read that Watercress doesn’t grow that prolifically unless the water is healthy. Watercress supposedly tastes the best in the Spring. It has sort of a peppery taste and is reminiscent of a radish. We ate Ham and Watercress sandwiches…just because we could. I couldn’t really taste the Watercress when it was on the sandwich. It’s supposed to be packed with nutrients!



The trees were starting to bud out. The seller’s wife said this particular tree is a ‘Snowball Tree’. She has mentioned it numerous times, so it must be spectacular. She said she would take a picture when it blooms and send it to me.

Spring Break - 1 158

The trunk of the tree is almost bramble-ish, and the chickens love to rest there. Whenever they feel threatened, or see the shadow of a hawk flying overhead, they run to that tree.

Spring Break - 1 236

I mentioned that the Daffodils were on parade, but we also saw some other wildflowers fighting their way through, some blooming, others only thinking of doing so.

Spring Break - 1 340

We found some Hyacinths blooming, and some other sweet flowers I don’t know the name of.

spring break2 520(Hyacinth)

spring break2 569(I don’t know what these flowers are but they are tiny!)

spring break2 576(White Fawn Lilly, also known as Adder’s Tongue, Dog’s Tooth Violet and Trout Lilly)

I guess my sister and I share some similarities. I couldn’t help but bring some of the beauty of nature inside to enjoy.

spring break2 621

It was always cold in the mornings, and on some, but not all days, it warmed up to a comfortable temperature. We were soon to find out that Winter was not ready to give up her reign and would pound us with fury to hold her ground.

spring break2 424


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