All the Fountains of the Great Deep Burst Forth, and the Windows of the Heavens were Opened.

spring break2 156

As I stirred throughout the night, I could hear the rain pinging on the tin roof with an occasional clap of thunder. If you’ve never been in a house with a tin roof during a thunderstorm, I’ll tell you it’s quite cozy and hypnotic. The thunder reverberated off the hills surrounding the little house in the holler. It rained all night long.

spring break2 244

I went outside at daybreak to feed and water the chickens. When it’s raining, I always give the choice to them as to whether to go out in it or not. That might make me seem like a calloused and uncaring mother, but they are BIRDS. Birds are out during the rain. It’s actually a good time for them to forage. The worms, strangled by the flooded earth, come up to the surface for air, making them easy prey for hungry chickens.

spring break2 171

There is a seasonal creek bed behind the hen house. Since we had bought the property, we had never seen the seasonal creek with water in it. It had always been dry. This morning, it was not only flowing, it was FULL.

The chickens were complaining about the bad satellite reception in the hen house due to the weather. I explained to them that soon, they would no longer be ‘city chickens’ and that they would just need to learn to ‘deal’ with the quirks of living in the country.

spring break2 137

spring break2 142

I came back in the house and made some Bacon and French Toast. It was just the type of breakfast that kind of morning required. We were already on our second pot of coffee.

It rained and it rained and it rained some more. We went from window to window, watching the seasonal creek rise. With all of the excitement, it was hard to get started with work. I kept taking pictures as the water continued to rise.

spring break2 172

We had never expected that seasonal creek to be any sort of a threat. We ARE in a ‘holler’, which makes us the convergent point for all the water running off of the hills. We had suspected that it might flood on the ‘spring’ side of the property, as it had always seemed like a ‘low’ point with mud between the spring’s stream and the house. We had also seen evidence on the back of the house that looked as if it had seen water damage at the ground level in the back. Though the spring increased, its stream never got really high, nor did we see any water streaming off the hills over on that side, as we had expected.

spring break2 196

There is a reservoir underneath the pump house which collects the water, which is then pumped to the house. The ‘overflow’ then forms the stream coming from the pump house. The water apparently picks up a lot of sediment when it rains hard, and it takes a while for it ‘settle’ in the reservoir. The water pumped into the house from the spring is slightly brown after a hard rain. We use a Berkey filter for our drinking and cooking water, so it’s not that big of a deal, except when taking a bath.

We watched the water creep up behind the hen house. I went out every so often to check on it. The hen house (shed) is built on a foundation of rocks, so I wasn’t really worried about it washing away. I was more worried about it getting the bedding wet, which can mold. Mold in the hen house can then cause lung ailments, which chickens are prone to.

spring break2 176

spring break2 177

Soon, the water began spilling into our yard! It’s NOW obvious to see that the mound of dirt behind the ‘Snowball Tree’ is a levee created for times such as this.

spring break2 175

When the levee could no longer contain the water, it began spilling over the edge, and cutting a rut.

spring break2 201

The water began swirling around the side of the hen house.

spring break2 180

spring break2 185

I know sometimes it seems that Bud is the one who does all of the work and messy jobs, but the reason it seems so is that I’m always behind the camera shooting pictures of him. I was dressed and had been out numerous times checking on the chickens, and taking pictures. I had my snake boots on, and was dressed to go out. Bud suggested that I go out with a rake and dislodge leaves, branches and trash around the hen house in hopes of keeping the water moving freely and away from the hen house. Though I did that, Bud eventually went out and did a more thorough job (including out by the road), and I took pictures of him doing so.

spring break2 208

He found a cable that went across the creek bed and attached to the satellite dish on top of the hen house. It was causing debris to bunch up where it was strung across, so he tied it up above the water to allow the ‘trash’ to flow freely. The water raced toward the pond, like geese on a mission to fly south for the Winter.

spring break2 206

The flooding continued to get worse and worse! We couldn’t believe it!

spring break2 211

Eventually, the rain, which had spilled into the front yard on it’s trip to the pond, began spilling over to the spring stream on the other side of the house. The ruts left by the propane guys several months before, left an easy channel for it to spill into.

spring break2 216

spring break2 214

I was never really worried by it; just amazed!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse…

spring break2 227

spring break2 231

We continued to drink coffee and go from window to window, as we watched the surreal display unfold before us.

6 thoughts on “All the Fountains of the Great Deep Burst Forth, and the Windows of the Heavens were Opened.

  1. I wonder if adjustments can be made before the next big rain so that the water doesn’t breach the berm? I would hate to see water damage to your house or the coop after all your hard work and expense. It sounded like you had two different sources of water. I think a four wheel drive vehicle would be a good idea.


    1. Bud has already been talking about adding a ‘gate’ similar to the way they did it in El Paso. He thinks the ground in that area would be one of the best places for a garden, and having a gate would allow it to be controlled.

      There are two different water sources….kind of. This seasonal creek that flooded has always been dry. We can see it looking from the front porch (thus, also, we can see the hen house from the front porch). The spring and its stream are at the back of the house, and it runs all the time.


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