Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!

spring break2 421

Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!

It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow.

Snow, snow…I want to wash my hands, my face, and hair with snow!

“Snow” ~ Bing Crosby (<===Click to watch video!)

spring break2 255

The day before, I had checked the weather app on my I-phone. I have to perch it on the window sill for the best chance to get a signal, and it takes about 5 minutes to load when we are way out there in the sticks. When it finally loaded, I stared at it trying to make head or tales out of the blurry icons. Then, I saw something that warranted getting my reading glasses out to take a better look. Though the reading glasses gave me clearer vision, I still did not recognize the icon before me. I took the phone over to Bud and said, “Look Bud! Does this icon show SNOW in the forecast? Is that an icon of SNOW?” We unofficially decided that there was no way it was going to snow.

spring break2 276

I was shocked when our deluge transitioned into sleet, and then, full-on, 100 percent, bona fide SNOW. Everyone up that way has been talking about the harsh winter they’ve had this season. We just thought Winter was OVER, seeing how we were in the middle of March…on Spring Break!

spring break2 252

We continued to go from window to window just watching it come down and pile up…and down it came. It snowed all…day…long.

The chickens chose to stay out in it. I had the heat lamp going all day and night in case they decided to go back inside.

spring break2 283

spring break2 401

When it snowed while we were there in the Ozarks over Christmas Break, the hens were afraid to walk in it. There was much less snow that time, and it having been their first experience with snow, they would fly from one snow-barren part of the yard to another. This time, they were all in it. They had no choice.

spring break2 335

The rest of the day, we stayed nestled inside except to go outside and take some pictures. We had planned on grouting the shower that day. I was so excited about the flood, and then the snow, that I could hardly stand to work. We eventually did…but for the most part, we just stayed in and had a ‘snow day’. We also drank lots of coffee…because it seemed appropriate to do so on such a day.

spring break2 386

Simba did more of what he usually does.


spring break2 287

Everything looks good covered in snow. While I know you all might be getting tired of seeing the same scenes over and over, I take in it’s beauty anew each time I see it. It was all breath-taking newly covered in snow! Here are some of my favorite pictures. I can never decide which ones to post, so prepare for just a few. πŸ˜‰ Here they come!

spring break2 372

spring break2 277

spring break2 284

spring break2 330

spring break2 272

spring break2 333

spring break2 352

spring break2 410


spring break2 372

spring break2 376

spring break2 320

spring break2 345

spring break2 431

spring break2 419

spring break2 350

spring break2 326

spring break2 331

spring break2 347

spring break2 368

spring break2 389

spring break2 402

spring break2 340spring break2 355


spring break2 268


10 thoughts on “Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!

  1. Kara, these pictures are stunning! We had snow yesterday on Rich’s birthday and it was lovely. However, we are so ready for spring that it is hard to really appreciate it anymore. But I loved your pictures because I know how exciting it must’ve been to have snow, snow, snow coming down in your neck of the woods! Give the chickens a hug for me! LOL xo


    1. LOL! The chickens have been ASKING about you, Shanda! I’m so glad you are back. I’ve missed your blog posts.

      I have a sister in Michigan who I think is tired of the snow, too. I’d probably be sick of it if I had it all the time. I know how you love ‘Spring things’ and I can’t wait to see your blog filled with them, too! πŸ™‚


  2. I loved all the pictures. It was a regular winter wonderland. You will look back at the pics in years to come and remember all the fun you had along with the work. I still like to look at the pics of what we were doing in Colorado. Such good memories.


    1. I would love to see your pictures of Colorado sometime. It sounds so wonderful. I know you are right. Already, I look back at some of the pictures, and it helps me to see that we really are making progress…and also, the fun we’ve had. I saw the picture of the tent and wished we could sleep outdoors again. πŸ˜› It was so much fun hearing all of the night sounds.


    1. Thank you for reading! …and thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like the pictures and I’m sure you of all people reading know how beautiful it really is since you lived up that way.


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